The FIFA 18 Demo Is Now Available To Play On Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC

The FIFA 18 demo is now available on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC, a few weeks before the actual game is going to be released (on September 29). The demo will allow you to play a four-minute quick match, along with the opening chapters of the game’s story mode, The Journey.

The quick start game mode will allow you to play either with an AI or with another person, so if you want to play the demo you can get some practice for the full game either with the computer or with a friend or someone that the game matches you with online.

There are a large number of different teams that you can access in the FIFA 18 demo, which includes clubs like Manchester United, Manchester City, Real Madrid, Atlético Madrid, Bayern Monaco, Paris Saint-Germain, Los Angeles Galaxy, Toronto FC, Boca Juniors, C. D. Guadalajara, Vissel Kobe, and Juventus.

Even though all of those different football clubs are available in the demo, there are unfortunately only three different stadiums to play the game in, which are Santiago Bernabéu, King Fahd Stadium, and the La Bombonera StubHub Center. Even if you can’t play in them for long, there are going to be a lot more games to play in a lot more stadiums in the full game.

So, if you’re part of the FIFA fanbase and own one of the three platforms that the FIFA 18 demo is available on, you have a good few weeks to download the demo and get used to the game’s controls before the actual game comes out.

FIFA 18 will be available for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC on September 29 of this year. The demo is available now, and is on the same platforms, so if you want to get some practice in, you can do it now.