FIFA 18 Beta Invitations Are Being Sent Out, File Size Is Around 34 Gigabytes

As the release date for FIFA 18 gets closer and closer, invitations for the FIFA 18 beta invitations are being sent out to those that qualify for it, likely those that have pre-ordered a certain version of the game. The beta is also a fairly massive one, totaling around 34 gigabytes in size.

FIFA 18 is the latest in the long line of FIFA games that have been made by EA Sports, and looks to be the biggest one yet. Not only will it have multiple different leagues from all over the world to play including a wide variety of football clubs and leagues, the game’s story mode, which began with FIFA 17, is also going to be greatly expanded on.

Alex Hunter, the story mode’s central character that you get to customize, will have the chocie to either leave England’s Premiere League and play for another team somewhere else in Europe or the world, or be able to stay there. Either way he’ll be meeting a number of other famous soccer players, including Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo.

However, the FIFA 18 beta isn’t going to be one that you can just toss around willy-nilly. If you’ve signed up for it, you’re the only one who can play it, meaning that you can’t pass off the key to someone else if you just signed up for it for kicks and have a friend that enjoys FIFA.

You’ll also only be able to play the different modes that are available in the Beta, so whenever you get your invitation and download it you’ll only be able to play part of the game.

FIFA 18 comes out on September 29 of this year for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC, and Nintendo Switch. If you’re one of those lucky people that got a hold of the FIFA 18 beta, go out and have some fun before then.