Making Of FIFA 17 The Journey Mode, Dialogue Choices Will Play Huge Part

FIFA 17 is just over a week away from its worldwide launch, and Electronic Arts is gearing up its efforts to keep the hype going for the game. EA Sports has been revealing new details about the game, and this time the company has released a video detailing the making of FIFA 17 The Journey mode.

In the video creative director, Mat Prior, and narrative director, Matt Turner, detail the team’s efforts while making FIFA 17 The Journey mode. According to the creative director the developers are excited for The Journey mode as this is the first time that they are bringing the cinematic narrative mode to the FIFA franchise.

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In the video we also see Tomiwa Edun, who voices and plays the main protagonist of the game, Alex Hunter, along with Sharon Duncan-Brewster who also voices and plays the mother of Alex, Catherine Hunter.

Players will also be able to respond to other characters in the game, as they will have choices how they want to respond, either they can be humble or could be rude. Other characters in the game will interact or talk to Alex Hunter based on how the player chooses to respond.

Also the performance of Alex during the match will also have consequences, if players are not good at their game they will be hearing about it from their manger and if they won’t improve their game then it will be the end of the story for Alex.

Recently, EA Sports revealed the full list of Stadiums that will be featured in FIFA 17. According to the developer, there are over 70 staduims that will be featured in the game and of those 70, 49 will be fully licensed. also the stadiums in FIFA 17 will be divided by the leagues.

FIFA 17 is scheduled to launch on September 27 for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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