EA Is Honoring Chapecoense With Free Kit And Crest In FIFA 17

On November 29, a tragic event took place in the world of football. Club Chapecoense were flying to Colombia for the final of the Brazilian cup, but their plane went down; only six people managed to survive. Now, EA has decided to honor Chapecoense in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team, giving free kit and crest of the team to every player.

This is the message that appears when you access your account.

In support of Chapecoense
Wear this kit and crest in support of the friends, family and fans of Chapecoense.
Forca Chape

FIFA 17 Bonus

This is a real nice gesture and a nice way to remember the team.

Well done, EA.

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However, one of the things that has always interested those who play FIFA is player ratings. No one knew how EA ratings are decided, until Michael Mueller-Moehring talked with ESPN.

According to his words, ratings of unknown players are decided with a guess work since EA has to work on a huge amount of data. That data is then refined thanks to professional data reviewers, scouts and football viewers that that regularly go to stadiums.

But the key element for player ratings is the league. In fact, when a good player goes  to a smaller league, his ratings drop.

Moreover, some players don’t have particular abilities, so EA has to alter their statistics in order to make them stronger. At least, we can say that EA is putting a lot of effort in making player look realistic, don’t you think?

No wonder this game is a huge success every year.

EA Sports’ FIFA 17 is already out for PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC.