FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Max Chemistry Guide – How To Build Max Chemistry Team

FIFA 16 chemistry guide, the benefits of having a higher chemistry among players, and tips on how to acquire hundred per cent chemistry in the game.

The chemistry among your players can create the difference between winning and losing a game. The same thing is also true for leagues and seasons in the game.

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FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Max Chemistry Tips

A mere poor selection of a player can ruin your squad’s chemistry and cost you the game. Unlike earlier installments, FIFA 16 puts huge emphasis on chemistry which is the purpose of the guide.

Understanding How Chemistry Works

In case you wish to maximize your team chemistry, you need to ensure that you let players play on their natural positions; in FIFA Ultimate Team.

Sometimes, players tend to locate players from their natural positions to complement their unique playstyle, but this eventually translates into poor chemistry for the entire team.


The chemistry among players is dictated by player origin, the league he or she plays in, and his or her active club. Although it may cause time and effort, you should try and build your team around these factors.

How to Maximize Chemistry

Besides the factors mentioned above, the concept of hybrid teams is something all FIFA players should be aware of.

A hybrid team essentially comprises of players belonging to different nationalities who also have some common factors which enhances the team chemistry.

The idea of creating a perfect hybrid team is to divide your entire team into two smaller teams. You need to divide the field into left and right, each having players from different nationalities, with neighboring positions – Midfielders and Centerbacks – sharing common bonds.

There is no need to aim for green links in order to acquire hundred per cent chemistry as long as there is a green stem reaching the neighboring position.

In addition to this, you should also select a manager who shares some common traits with the players which will maximize chemistry.

Lastly, remember that players from a same pack possess higher chemistry from other players. Other players need to play at least 10 games with their teammates to enhance chemistry.

Chemistry Styles

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This is everything we have on FIFA 16 chemistry guide and how to maximize it. If there is something else you would like to know, make sure to let us know in the comments section below!

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