FIFA 16 Specialties Guide – Requirements to Add Specialties to Your Players

There are a total of 17 Specialties in EA’s new FIFA 16. The Specialties are essentially attributes that are inherent to a player’s natural skill and ability.

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FIFA 16 Specialties

Specialties are assigned to different players based on their Physical Traits. This guide provides an overview and Physical Traits requirements that a player must fulfill in order to obtain a Specialty.

Note that players under 180 lbs need 90 Strength and player above 183 lbs require about 86 Strength. It’s an important attribute for defenders who will beat anyone in one-on-one tackle.

Your defender should have about 85 Sliding Tackle and 86 Standing Tackle. Having a player with decent tackling will ensure that you’ve increased ball possession which may translate into winning games.

This is easily one of the most important specialties in the game. To make a good tactician, your player needs 80 Reaction, 86 Tactical Awareness, and 86 Interception. Tactician in the game is responsible for stopping through-balls, counter-attacks, and other things like this.

Your player’s Acceleration and Sprint Speed needs to be about 180 to be a Speedster. With this, the opponent defenders will never be able to catch up to your player.

You can either have 90 Agility or 86 Agility combined with 80 Reaction to be an Acrobat. These guys keep the attacking plays going on in the game.

Aerial Threat
For this, you need 90 Heading combined with 85 Jumping if your player is 6’2″ or lower than it. If your player is 6’3″ or 6’4″, you need 90 Heading and if your player is 6’5″ and over it, you need to 75 Heading. With this, you’ll ensure that no one else touches the ball while it’s in the air.

For this Specialty, you need a 5-star skiller with 85 Dribbling rate. For those players who are 1 – 4 star skillers, you’ll need 75 Balance and 86 Dribbling. These players will ensure that no defender stands in their way while they’re on their way to score.

For this Specialty, your CM, CDM, or CAM needs to have 86 Vision, 86 Short Passing, and 73 Long Passing. Players with this Specialty can deliver game-winning passes and also score in some instances.

You need to set the work rate for both Defense and Attack to ‘High’ for them to acquire Engine as well as about 85 Stamina. Having this Specialty will ensure that your player doesn’t run out of stamina while looking after both offense and defense in the game.

For this, your player simply needs 80 Curve and 86 Crossing in the game. With this, your players will not only catch defenders off-guard, but will be making some accurate crosses throughout the match.
Free Kick Specialist

This Specialty requires 86 Free Kicks and about 85 of either Curve or Shot Power. Having this Specialty may even allow your players to score from about 35 yards in the game.

Distance Shooter
For this Specialty, you need to reach a grand sum of 174 from the Long Shots and Shot Power. As the name suggests, your players will be able to score even from a large distance in the game.

For this Specialty, you need 75 Heading and 85 Finishing. You need this Specialty or Clinical Finishing to be able to become a Complete Forward. However, do note that a player cannot have both Poacher and Engine at the same time.

Clinical Finisher
You need to have 80 Long Shot and 86 Finishing to be able to acquire this Specialty. These strikes can easily finish off with merely one strike and should be on your Wingers or Attacking Midfielders.

Complete Defender
You need to have Tactician, Tackling, or Strength, Acrobat, and Aerial Threat to be qualified as a Complete Defender.

Complete Midfielder
You need Playmaker, and 2 other Specialties from Distance Shooter, Engine, Dribbler, FK Specialist, Tackling, Crosser, and Clinical Finisher to be able to be qualified as Complete Midfielder.

Complete Forward
You need to have Clinical Finisher, Poacher, and Aerial Threat, Speedster, Dribbler, or Strength to be qualified as Complete Forward.

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