FIFA 16 Pre-order Comparisons from PC to Console

It’s almost like clockwork that every September 20ish EA will release their latest title in the FIFA series. This year’s FIFA 16 is out next week Tuesday at the standard $59.99, but what may be different from past years is a little competition among retailers to get your pre-order dollars this weekend.

Credits, gift cards, and outright discounts can be found through September 21st (day before release). The best outright discount is for the PC digital version at Green Man Gaming. There you’ll find a code for cutting the price to only $46.20.

It’s the best price online from an authorized retailer. The key arrives via email on or before the games release day.

On console discounts are harder to find, but bonus offers are aplenty. Best Buy is tossing in a bonus $10 in “My Best Buy Rewards” points when you pre-order through them. If you happen to be a Best Buy Gamers Club Unlocked member ($30 membership fee) you’ll also get 20% off discount to $47.99 which is the overall best deal. Beyond Best Buy is the Microsoft Store offering a bonus $10 Xbox Gift Code redeemable on Xbox Live and a $5 straight up saving for Amazon Prime members to $55.

PC (Origin)

  • GMG: $46.20 — 23% Off for Origin Key
  • Use Coupon : SAVE23-WITHGM-GSEP15

Xbox One

PlayStation 4

  • Best Buy: $59.99 + $10 My Best Buy Rewards
  • Amazon: $54.99 (Requires Amazon Prime membership)

Xbox 360

  • Best Buy: $59.99 + $10 My Best Buy Rewards
  • Microsoft: $59.99 + $10 Xbox Gift Card
  • Amazon: $54.99 (Requires Amazon Prime membership)

PlayStation 3

  • Best Buy: $59.99 + $10 My Best Buy Rewards
  • Amazon: $54.99 (Requires Amazon Prime membership)

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