FIFA 16 Errors, Bugs, Crashes, FUT, Transfers, Lag, and Fixes

Another year, and another FIFA game; this time however, we have ladies’ national teams in FIFA 16 to spice things up a bit along with other minor tweaks.

Anyway, if you are experiencing issues including error, bugs or crashes, you can browse through the following listing to find the related fixes.

#1 FIFA 16 – Lag and Connectivity Issues
If you are experiencing lag and high latency or your connection is being dropped continuously, you need to make sure that following ports are opened:

UDP: 3659, 9565, 9570, 9000 – 9999
TCP: 3569, 9946, 9988, 10000 – 20000, 42124

#2 FIFA 16 – Locked out of FUT 16 Web App
Some players are getting locked out of FUT 16 Web App and if you are one, rest assured that it’s a known issue and it will be resolved around release.

#3 FIFA 16 – FIFA Points Issues
If you have purchased FIFA points from Xbox Store and aren’t able to use them, you should try the in-game store while EA tracks the bug and rolls out a fix. Your purchased points will be retrieved so there is no need to worry.

#4 FIFA 16 – Startup Crash on Xbox One
You may encounter game crashes if you are running the console in power saving mode. For the time being, you need to change it to normal and re-download the game to make it work properly.

#5 FIFA 16 Transfer Market Issues
Since many players use web app for transfers, problems are expected as EA is trying fix the web app itself. So if you are facing issues, wait for the next update or two so that the issue gets fixed.

#6 FIFA 16 Download Issues
If you are using Origin, try restarting your client. If the issue persists after the general troubleshooting, you may want to reinstall your origin client.

#7 FIFA 16 Club Name Bug
If you are encountering “Your club name or abbreviation contains a censored word, please rename your club.” message then you should try creating your team/club via web app. It’s a known issue though so it’s being expected to be resolved.

#8 FIFA 16 – Getting Disconnected after Every FUT Match
If you are encountering this problem then the first thing you need to make sure is that your the required ports are opened.

If you are a console user, make sure that your NAT type is not restricted.

#9 FIFA 16 – Black Bars Issue/Resolution Fix
Sometimes, if the full screen scaling is not enabled via your hardware, you can have black borders on the edges. If you want to get rid of them, this tutorial can help your cause.

#10 FIFA 16 Crash Fixes
There haven’t been many reports about the game being crashed on PC but if you still facing one, you should try the general troubleshooting to fix it:

  • First, make sure that your GPU drivers are up to date.
  • If you are using a laptop, you should make sure that your game is being run by the dedicated GPU.
  • For any .dll related error, try running the executables (setups) present in game’s folder.

If you are facing any other issues, do let us know in the comments below!

Don't know why exactly, but Ali studied both Biotch and Computer Science. Out of curiosity he says. Doesn't play many competitive games however, when it comes to FIFA, it's a whole different story.