FIFA 16 Closed Beta Download is Now Available; Takes 15.7GB

Finally, Electronic Arts is allowing the FIFA 16 closed beta testers to download the beta and try it out.

If you had applied to get included in the FIFA 15 closed beta test, received your invite and the download code for the beta, you should now be able to download the files.

An email is being sent out to all those who have the invitation and the code which not only tells them about the availability of the download but also instructs how you can run it.

The FIFA 16 closed beta takes up 15.7 GB of disc space so make sure you have that much at hand before starting to follow those instructions.

On the contrary, if you had not applied to be selected for beta testing, you wouldn’t know much about it too. This year the beta testing is skipping PC platforms and being held only on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

The game modes made available through the FIFA 16 closed beta are Pro Clubs, Career Mode, Online Seasons and Ultimate Team.

When it comes to the teams and players you will see that the beta is using statistics from FIFA 15 i.e. the last installment meaning the player and league data base has not been updated for the current standings yet.

Oh and Electronic Arts is expecting the FIFA 16 closed beta testers to provide their feedback though the official forums. Just logout from the forums, launch the beta and log back in to get to the beta related forum.

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