FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Edition Bonus Announced

The release date for FIFA 15 has been announced and as expected there is an Ultimate Team Edition available to pre-order along with the usual Standard Edition.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Edition while $10 expensive than Standard Edition offers a lot of bonus content for a better FUT experience.

FIFA fans who purchase the Ultimate Team Edition will get access to Lionel Messi on loan for their squad for five matches. More players can be unlocked using the football club credits.

As always, the Ultimate Team Edition also includes FUT Gold packs, 40 of them to be exact. The packs will be granted to players over a period of 40 weeks, which means one pack per week. These packs alone amount to approximately $40 in value.

Ultimate Team Edition also grants players three new celebrations: Kiss the Wrist, Stand Tall and Flag Kick as well as an elite team of All-Star players from Adidas, which includes Lionel Messi. The All-Star team is available in Standard Edition as well.

The last two pieces of bonus are virtual gear for the player’s squad. The first piece is boots from Adidas’ Predator product line, and the other is Historic Kits, which allows access to kits from classic teams in football history.


FIFA 15 will be released on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC on 23rd September.

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