FIFA 15 Defending Guide With Tips and Tactics To Get Clean Sheets

FIFA 15 Defending tips to make sure you don't give away easy goals against your opponents online. Know different tactics you can employ to get a clean sheet.

In FIFA 15, winning is not only about being aggressive and pinning down the opponent, but building up and maintaining a strong defense also plays a major role. Leaving any kind of loophole in your defense will allow your opponents to take advantage of your shortcomings and you’ll be embarrassed over and over again.

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FIFA 15 Defending Tips

In this FIFA 15 defending guide, I’m going to talk about different strategies involved in maintaining a strong defense along with various tips and strategies to set up a good defense.

Jockeying to Stay Safe
In FIFA 15, jockeying is one of the best moves at the disposal of a defender. While playing as a defender, always be on your toes when it comes to jockeying and never let go any moment to play the passing lanes.

Another thing to keep in mind is to always look for passing lanes when breaking the back line.

In order to jockey, hold down the LT/L2 for the static jockey and hold down RT/R2 for the running jockey. While jockeying for possession, the best strategy to use is to stick close to the ball.

Although it’s a great tool when it comes to defending, it can’t always help you, especially in FIFA 15 where aggressiveness of players like Messi, Neymar and Ronaldo can deceive you in an instant. So you will have to mix it with properly timed tackles to stay safe.

Contain Your Opponents
There is hardly anything which can compete with jockeying when it comes to defending side, but that doesn’t mean we should neglect the containing. I would highly recommend perpetually pressing the contain button, which will consequently lead to often ball possessions.

To start ball containing, press and hold down the A/X button on the consoles.

If you keep the contained button pressed when you are not in possession, your formation not only will remain disciplined, you will also have better chances to intercept the passes. Again, don’t expect that contain button alone can save you as small quick feet from the opponent can outrun you and leave a space open behind.

It’s recommended that if you are up against a player who likes to dribble a lot, try to tackle whenever you can because if you only keep on using jockey and contain, ultimately he will break through, and you might regret that.

Standard Tackles Are Best
Try and start playing the FIFA 14 for a couple of minutes and immediately start FIFA 15, and you’ll notice the improvements that have been made to the standard tackling system.

I would highly recommend going for standard tackle instead of slide tackle, which will allow you to gain possession without any risks of an unwanted foul. To perform a standard tackle, you need to press B/Circle button on the consoles.

Also note to stick to the real CDMs. Defenders with good size and speed will perform the job perfectly.

Use Sliding Tackles But Don’t Be Reckless
Sliding tackles can be performed by pressing X/Square button on the consoles. Unlike standard tackle, which have been improved in the FIFA 15, sliding tackles shouldn’t be used that often. You need to be very precise with sliding tackles since they include large risks of a foul.

Some of you will remember that in previous installments, you could simply spam the slide tackle button in order to knock the player off the ball and catch up in order to make the tackle. This year, however, a lot have changed and it doesn’t work like this anymore. Use these tackles when situation demands it, otherwise, stick to the standard tackles.

When to Control Goal Keeper
There are a couple of controls when it comes to controlling the goal keeper. You can press the Y/Triangle button to make the goal keeper lunge forward to get the ball or double-press Y/Triangle to make the goalkeeper return to the goal.

Once the ball is in the near the goal keeper, an effective strategy to use is to call him forward and then quickly making him return to the goal post. By doing this, you’ll allow your defenders to take possession of the ball by panicking the opponent strikers.

Automatic Player Switching Vs Manual
This thing eventually comes down to different players’ personal preference – some like keeping the switching to automatic and some like it manual. In order to switch, change the direction of the right analogue stick in any way you want.

Once again, it depends upon the players as to which strategy they should opt for, but I’ve come across many good players who like to change players every now and then and do well.

Share your own tips and strategies with us in the comments below!

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