FIFA 15 Crossing Guide – Tips on Early, Low and Ground Crossing

The art of crossing in FIFA 15 allows you to keep the ball possession between your teammates playing at different positions and the opposition pinned down.

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FIFA 15 Crossing Tips

In this FIFA 15 crossing guide, I’ll share a few tips, different kinds of crosses, and how to use them effectively. Like always, don’t forget to share your tips and strategies with us in the comments below!

Timed Crosses are More Effective than Random Ones
While you’re going for the crosses, don’t perform them randomly.

Crosses provide you with good opportunities to score; therefore, let your players get into their positions and carefully observe the movements of the defenders before throwing the ball.

Early Crosses
Early passes come in very handy when your teammates are not in the right positions to make further plays. These crosses must be made as the strikers are entering the box.

Do note that these kinds of crosses are the most effective when you’ve an agile striker against a slow defender. Once you get the ideal scenario, press the LB/L1 and time the cross perfectly!

Basic Cross
The basic cross is executed by pressing X/Square button on the consoles. While you’re going with the basic cross, try and aim for the edge of the box.

In addition to this, the basic cross can help you score while you’re trapped in the corners.

Early Crossing
This is executed by pressing LB/L1 followed by pressing X/Square on the consoles. I’ve mostly described what an early cross does and how it should be used, but for a quick summary; the early cross should be executed right before your striker enters the box.

In addition to this, this cross should be performed against a formation which has less number of back-row defenders.

Low Crosses
This cross is performed by double-pressing X/square button on the consoles. This pass is particularly useful if you’re trying to get the ball to a striker near the net.

Ground Crosses
These crosses are executed by pressing X/square buttons thrice on the consoles. This is the only type of cross, which is fine to use in a friendly match against AI-controlled opponent.

However, while playing a competitive match against other human players, this is not recommended at all!

Double Tapping
During the time in which the ball is in the air, it’s important to double-press the shooting button to make your player go in for a header. Like the shoots, the power of the headers can also be altered.

After double-pressing the shoot button, keep on holding it for at least half-a-second to increase the header’s power. In addition to this, make sure to specify a direction or the ball will go wayward.

FIFA 15 Crossing Tips

Scoring goals from crosses can be a useful trick to have in FIFA 15 as sometimes, you don’t have enough skill or good players to break through the opponent from the middle.

In such a situation, putting good crosses in from the wing can be an effective strategy.

To make the crossing buildup more effective, you can do a few things: first, try to have a fast wingers with good crossing stats and a striker who is tall and can head the ball well.

Players like Giroud and Benzema are good at heading the ball in. If you are looking to score from crosses, try to have one striker only as it will allow him to be in the box most of the times when you choose to cross.

In my experience, if there are more defenders in the box, then the strikers, low crosses and ground crosses are more effective.

A lot of players make a mistake of rushing the crosses in without looking in the box. You should know where your striker is before crossing so that you can power the pass accordingly.

Furthermore, if your player running diagonally towards the goal instead of a straight run, you will have better chances to position the ball for your striker.

Last but not the least, practice is something that will ultimately improve your skills a lot. Once you have comprehended the basic mechanics, go to the practice field and try it out until you are comfortable with any technique or skill.

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