FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Trading Tips Guide – How To Make Easy Coins

When I was younger, I used to think about making a team that would be nothing but an unstoppable force. FIFA Ultimate Team not only allows you to build such a team but also gives you the option to compete with other players’ teams across the globe. Theoretically, you can bring in any player you want without any regional restrictions.

However, building a strong team will require a lot of effort. Winning games is one thing but when we talk about FIFA Ultimate Team, Trading is something that can earn you a lot of profit.

Apparently, the trading part sounds simple; you sell something you don’t need and buy something that is missing. However, if you learn to handle these transactions with care, good speculation and patience, they will net you considerable amounts of Profit.

How you ask? The following tips about trading in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team will get you started. For more help on FIFA 14, read our Skills Tutorials, Best Young Players and Ultimate Team Guide.

FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Trading Tips

The Beginner’s Approach
If you are a returning member, you will be receiving up to four loyalty packs as a reward. Otherwise, all players will begin with a starter pack of 22 players and a manager.

These players of course will be of lower rating so you will have to start slow. As a beginner, you should focus on winning lower league matches. Even if you lose matches, you will still earn coins that can come in handy for bigger challenges.

It’s obvious that you will be itching to enter the auction house to buy something useful, but I will recommend that you do after having a few wins with your starter pack.

Buying 101
I know people who have make a huge amount of coins by just being smart when it comes to buying and selling. If you are looking to buy something, you should be exactly sure about the need of the purchase in your squad. Naturally, you will search for the best at the lowest price.

In the auction house, if you find a player with good stats at a low price and bid it early before the end of the auction, there are chances that you are going to be outbid by someone else. So the best you can do is to wait until the auction is about to end and hope that no one sees it before the time is up.

Time zones can also be important in bidding race. So, if you are bidding around the time when most players would either be studying or at work, your chances of acquiring the particular player card or item increase. It’s also more or less a hit and trial method so you will have to find the perfect timing for that after some research.

If you find a player that fits into your squad perfectly, and you have the idea that his price may increase in the future, try to buy it as soon as possible. Make sure that you perform a search on that player so that you can view all the version of that player.

If you don’t want anyone else taking out that player, make use of BIN (buy it now) price, which is usually higher than the starting price.

Making Profits, Easy Coins
First, I will recommend that you collect young players who have skills and are expected to perform well in the future. Sometimes, it happens that a normal player performs great for a week or two, and its price go sky high in a short time. Gareth Bale, for instance; he performed exceptionally well and as a result; his price went up after he got selected in TOF (Team of the week).

Team of the Week changes every Wednesday so a night before, you should do a quick search to find cheap players that you are expecting to be included in the team owing to their good performance. You will at least find a couple of cheap player cards. Once these players go high you can place them to sell and earn descent profit from them.

Furthermore, you can also look for player who are up for sale on lower price than their discarding value (selling it to EA). You will be surprised that how many players you would find. All you need to do is find them, and then discard to net the profit.

Selling 101, Easy Coins
It goes without saying that you should first conduct a survey to evaluate the player before you put it up for sale. Trends are important. Most people like to buy players with higher sprint speed and acceleration so if you have fast players, you can place them at a higher price.

Always place a BIN (Buy it Now) price on your players and keep it slightly higher than the starter price. By doing this, you will most probably find a buyer ready to give you that price as there is always a risk of being outbid until the time lasts.

The most important thing is that you should not make selling a hobby. Coins are good, but the chemistry of your team is also important so try to keep a balanced state.

Keep the Underdogs and Sell the Shiny Ones
Most of the player only consider about the headliners while in Football, there is always talent. You just need to find it. Most FUT players like to keep footballers with big names for insurance. You can exploit it for your own benefit.

For your own team, you can keep players that are equally effective but haven’t made to the headlines yet. For instance, I remember that Jordi Alba was initially of only 73 rating but his skills were good enough to be an LB. By this, you can earn a handsome amount of profit by selling the on-demand players as they would be rare in the market.

Buy Managers, What?
You might be thinking how managers are important when it comes to currency? Well, they are. You must know that there are limited games to every player before the contract expires, right?

If the contract expires, you are left with the contract cards if you want them to play in your squad. These contract cards can sometime be really expensive considering the fact that everyone is going to need them sooner or later.

So, if you have multiple managers, each will contribute towards increasing the value of these contract cards. For instance, if you have a sufficient number of managers, you can make a player to play double amount of matches than what the card is worthy of. So yes, it’s a wise investment.

Importance of WebApp
When it comes to auctioning and timing, the WebApp for FIFA 14 is quite important. You can access it via your mobile so you can make trading even when at work or school. You can review the market any time you want. This way, monitoring will be easier and your chances of getting better deals will be increased.

Don’t forget to share your own trading tips with us by commenting below!

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