FIFA 14 Shooting Guide – Finesse, Lob, Fake, Lay-off and Flair Shots

How to execute a perfect finish in FIFA 14 be it finesse shot, lob, fake, lay-off or a flair shot.

In football, it doesn’t matter how many chances you create, the only thing that count is how many you scored. I have come across many players in FIFA who have good skills but when it comes to finishing, they struggle a lot.

The primary reason for being an inconsistent finisher is the inevitable pressure when you have an opportunity to put the ball into the net.

Shooting in FIFA games isn’t that tough once you learn the basics, but you should know what type of finishing is needed in different situations. You can’t always use the finesse shot to score or a powerful shot is not always a feasible solution.

To be a successful scorer in FIFA 14, you should know the options at your disposal and learn the art of executions. Let’s start with the types of finishing shots you can perform in FIFA 14.

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Normal Shots
Everyone knows how to shoot a ball towards the goal. You just hold up the shooting button for a while (power up the meter) and then release it in a specific direction. Although most players know the importance of direction, they fail to execute it as they don’t understand the proper function.

For instance diagonal shots have more chance of beating a goalkeeper than the straight shots. I always try to approach the goal diagonally so that I have higher chance of scoring even if I don’t execute it perfectly. The diagonal shots also have more chance of a rebound than the straight shots.

The Rocket Launchers
Precise finishing is cool but if your have players like Christiano Ronaldo or Messi at your disposal, you can just choose to shoot from distance with extra power. Since these players have good finishing ability, they tend to score a lot even from outside the box.

All you need a good angle to shoot. While you are shooting from distance, hold the power button until the meter is at least half filled and then release it towards the corner.

Regardless of which goalkeeper is up front, the shot will blaze past him into the top corner. Those are the best-looking goals, and I always crave for them. However, they don’t always work with the lower rated players of the most mid fielders.

Finesse Shots
These Shots are slightly harder to execute as you have to press RB/R1 button along with the shooting button. These shots, however, are the controlled ones and hit the target most of the times. Rolling Finesse shots have more chances to beat the keeper than the flying ones.

If you are one-on-one with the keeper, and you aren’t good at dribbling, a finesse shot can save the day for you. The best way to execute a finesse shot is to run a couple of steps horizontally along the goal and then shoot the ball with the stronger foot into the corner.

This also adds a bit of curve if you have guided it properly. It can be hard to master, but once you get used to it, you can be a real threat from outside the box.

Lobbed Shots
Another way of beating an out-of-position keeper is by using the Lob Shot. I also call it the chip shot. You need to hold LB/L1 button and then press the shoot button. It will try to flip the ball over the keeper’s head. It’s the hardest shot to execute perfectly as timing and distance prediction is crucial in it.

Most players perform a fake keeper charge so that you prematurely execute a lob shot, and they will easily be able to capture the slow ball. So you should wait until the end when you are certain that the Goalkeeper has traveled enough to be beaten by the chip shot.

It’s a game of speculation so you must learn it by experience.

Fake Shots
This is quite a handy method to beat the keeper. In order to perform a fake shot, you can power up your shot and when you are about to shoot, press the pass button to cancel it.

You will retain the ball, and if you are close enough, goal keeper will dive in a direction in anticipation. You can the simply press shoot in the other direction to score a goal. Fake shots aren’t that in crowded space, but if you are 1 on 1, they can serve the purpose.

Lay-off Shots
You must of have used the Lay-off free kicks, right? In the same way, you can use lay-off shots to surprise the keeper. These are basically the long-range shots where a player passes the ball to the other player in such a way that it’s ready to be shot towards the goal while it’s rolling. This gives some extra power to the shot leaving the Keeper helpless.

Flair Shots
These are the fancy versions of shots one can perform on the field. By default, you can execute them by holding LT/L2 and then pressing the shoot button. Have you ever seen those bicycles or scorpion kicks in the box?

Those are the flair shots, and you will execute them if you press the aforementioned buttons. I tend to use them when my opponent isn’t that strong just to have fun. These shots my seem exciting, but the success rate is low.

Flick shot has some tactical advantage if you are using the rolling crosses from the wings. Your striker can flick it into the goal cheekily even before the defenders can react.

Tips and Tricks

  • It goes without saying that you should stay calm before sending the ball towards goal. Rattling will only make it worse.
  • Angle of the shot is more important than the power.
  • Don’t try to overdo as it may make miss even the easiest of chances.
  • If close range shooting isn’t working, go for the long range attempts and vice versa.
  • Carefully observe the opponent’s defensive strategy earlier in the game so that you can make your chances count when the arrive later.
  • Adaptation is a key to success. If you are good at finesse shots and they aren’t working well in a game, you shouldn’t hesitate to try out other methods.
  • Don’t shoot the ball hard in a crowded area (where you have more players in the box) as it will give you more chance of a rebound.

Don’t forget to share your own tips with us by commenting below!

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