FIFA 14 Free Kicks Guide – Top Spin, Curved, Lay-offs, Driven

Free kicks probably are the most underestimated methods of scoring goals in FIFA. However, there are players who would take full advantage of these kicks to overcome their other deficiencies. In FIFA 14, it’s highly recommended that you learn this art to increase your goal scoring possibilities.

Why don’t people score much with the free kicks? Primarily, it’s the lack of practice. Sure, playing matches is a good way to improve your skills but the training mode can teach you a lot especially with the new mini training games EA has introduced.

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Before you go practicing, you should know everything about Free Kicks and different patterns. I will try to summarize them with a few tips below:

Different Methods of Taking Free Kicks
Most of the free kick methods are same as that of FIFA 13. You have the option of calling up to three players over the ball. You can call in the first player by pressing LT/L2 button and the second player by pressing RB/R1 button.

Once you have those three players on the ball, you should know that which player you want to strike the ball with. It’s obvious that you can change the primary free kick taker. Now, you can choose to strike with any of the three players over the ball:

  • If you want the primary player to take the shot, just charge the shoot button towards the goal.
  • You can strike with the second player by holding LT/L2 button and then power the shot.
  • Third player can take the shot by using RB/R2 button.

You can also do a fake shot by a player twice to disrupt the defending wall. In order to perform a fake, charge the shoot button and then quickly press the pass button. The player will run towards the ball and then stop over it. This way, you can sometimes create a good space to shoot the ball towards the goal.

Then there are lay-offs, my favorite. You can lay off the ball along the ground or in the air towards the other player so he can shoot it with power. You can perform the layoff by holding LT/L2 and then press A/X.

If you want to run the ball towards the third player, do a fake shot first and then hold LT/L2 finally pressing A/X. For an Aerial Layoff, you should hold LT/L2 and then press the X/Square button. This will allow the kick taker to perform a volley shot which can be dangerous for the keeper.

You will have to try these methods on your own and then come out with a few best ones witch which you will have more chances of scoring goals.

Importance of Free Kick Taker
Most of you would already know that not all players can execute good free kicks. The efficiency of a free kick highly depends on the taker. Stats like Swerve, Free Kick Accuracy, Shot Power, etc. can all contribute towards effectiveness of a kick.

Many teams have specialist-free kick takers. For instance, Wayne Rooney in Manchester United is quite a handy player to take the kicks.

If you don’t have a specialist, make sure you perform the kick with the best available option. Don’t throw these opportunities as they can easily turn the tables in your favor during a tough encounter.

If you aren’t getting a proper angle with left foot players, try to use a player with the right foot. These are small things that are mostly overlooked, and some potential goal scoring opportunities are wasted.

How to Take a Free Kick
Knowing different methods (as mentioned above) about free kicks won’t serve the purpose.

You should also know how much power or swing you need to add to the ball. Obviously, the power will depend on the distance of the kick from the goal. Swing, on the other hand, is a tricky subject, and you will have to practice a bit to understand its variation.

Simplest method of taking a free kick is that you adjust the direction towards one corner of the goal (mostly above the wall) and leave it there. Then charge the shoot button up to two bars.

Two bars are sufficient for the free kicks around the box. However, if you are more than 30 yards away, you may have use even 4 bars for that.

If you don’t disturb the lest stick after adjusting direction, the ball won’t have any major swing, and it will travel straight towards the corner. On the other hand, if you want to add spin to the ball, it’s not that difficult.

You just need to use the left stick for that after you have powered the shot. If you hold the stick straight up, it won’t add any spin. Rotating it towards left or right will add the swings accordingly.

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