FIFA 14 Dribbling Guide – Skills, Moves, Tricks and Combos

Like every FIFA game, dribbling and skill moves are at the core of FIFA 14's gameplay as well. We have the guide to tell you all about dribbling.

FIFA 14 is incomplete without dribbling. Whether you are using smart first touch, or you are performing fancy 360s, all of it can play an important role in deciding the outcome of a game.

Before I go into tips related to dribbling in FIFA 14, I want to mention that if you aren’t comfortable with performing fancy dribbles, you can still be a good player.

I have seen those players, and they can be scary considering how refined their basics are. However, if you have something in this area, you are going to be a more potential threat than otherwise. Overall, first, I will recommend you to work on the close ball control before using the Left Stick Dribble.

Why is Dribbling Important?
It’s important for multiple reasons. One, if the other player is using it frequently and you don’t know those moves and can’t predict them, you will be at a great disadvantage.

Secondly, if the other player is quite patient and never commits a tackle keeping a close defensive line, you will get frustrated and won’t be able to score against him. So in this situation, a dribble or two at right time can give you upper hand.

Precise dribbling (learn it hard) can give you a lot of space to run into after you send a defender wrong footed. You feel it as a boost but actually, the opponent defender is lagging behind. Either way, you will get the advantage.


For instance, in FIFA 13, I came across many players who will love to play the ball to Ronaldo and then try to beat a couple of defenders with him on the wing so that he can deliver a lethal cross in.

Wings are most common areas to use the dribble effectively. Sometimes, in 1 on 1 situation, you can use it as a surprise. So yes, it might be hard but it has its own benefits.

Close Ball Control
Like I mentioned earlier, before you try the precise dribbling skills or the left stick moves, you should learn the close ball control. In FIFA 14, it’s even more important.

If you have been playing FIFA 13, you must have noticed that if you have the direction button pressed all the time while receiving the ball, it will make you lose the ball with a bad touch. Try to develop the habit of keeping the ball using the LT/L2 buttons.

By using LT/L2 button, you will be able to control the ball more precisely and your possession stats will improve. If the opponent is hasty in taking the ball from you, you can use the LT dribble to dodge him easily. It will also improve your first touch control so you will be able to maneuver the ball better.

Practice on the Training Ground
Some of the useful skills you can execute in FIFA 14 are hard to master. So if you have been reluctant in learning them, you should try out the training mode. You can also make use of our FIFA 14 Skills tutorial for assistance.

Not Every Player is a good Dribbler
Each skill you perform has a rating so all the players in your squad won’t be able to perform each skill. Although you can use defenders to beat the strikers rushing towards them, but I won’t recommend it as a slightest of a mistake can cost you a lot.

Mostly, your play maker, wingers and strikers are reliable players for the dribble.

Some of the players are really good at it. So make sure that you know the strengths and weaknesses of your team before entering any match up. Barcelona is full of good dribblers so you can use it for the learning purpose.

Plan the Entire Process
Needless dribbling may seem intimidating but good players won’t be affected by it and it will also give away your secrets early in the match. So, you need to use it only when it has some purpose.

For instance, your winger has only one defender left to beat, and then it will be all open is the time you use the dribble. You can also use in the midfield to beat the CDM for a good through ball to the striker up front.

There are different situations so you will have to learn them through experience.

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