FIFA 14 Best Young Players Guide – Top Aces of Future!

Young talent is very important in any sport, and Football is no different. The greatest players we see today were nurtured to be the best. They had the talent and through rigorous training, they made a name for themselves. EA Sports is aware of this fact so with every FIFA game, they include some players who are meant to be great.

However, the hard part is to find them as most of them don’t have impressive stats at the beginning. So the question is, how can one get these players? We have the answer with the following list of potential young players who are going to be dominant forces as they mature in the future.

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FIFA 14 Best Young Players

Best Young Attackers

Luis Muriel (ST)
The Columbian international has a good ball control, and he is quite dangerous when it comes to agility and acceleration. He can beat offside traps well and can be a nightmare for the opposition defenders. Currently, He is 22/23 years of age so if you let him play a season or two; he will be nothing less than a surprise.

Leandro (CF)
Brazil is never short of talent, and Leandro is another proof of that. The Brazilian international is currently of the age of 20/21 and is well effective when it comes to speed and agility.

Lucas Piazon (CAM)
Another Brazilian who cannot be overlooked for his talents. Primarily, he plays as an attacking midfielder, but you can use him as a central forward. The 19/20 year old specializes in ball control and finesse shots.

Neymar (ST)
I don’t think that he needs any introduction. The Brazilian International recently got transferred to Barcelona and is all set to make his mark along to top class players. Primarily, he is an attacking winger, but you can easily use him as a primary striker. He is only 21 years of age so expect him to improve like a blast. He is believed to match the skills of Leo Messi when he gets 24.

Kelvin (RW)
He is currently playing in FC Porto as an attacking winger and is only 20 years of age. He is sure to reach late 80s in stats before 25. So, if you are looking for a young winger, consider him as an option.

Jesús Corona (LW)
He is a Mexican player and is currently 20 years of age. Just like Kelvin, he is an explosive young winger whom you keep your eye on.

Fidel Martínez (LW)
The left winger from Ecuador is a perfect balance between Acceleration, Agility, Balance and Jumping. So if you like someone with better ball control and impressive agility, Martinez can be a good choice.

Raheem Sterling (LW)
He is currently playing in Liverpool as an attacking winger. The English man is only 19 years of age so you can expect great ratings from him when he gets older.

Cristian Tello (LW)
He was used by a lot of players late in the season by players using Barcelona so it was obvious that he is one heck of a talent. Currently, he is 22 years of age, and if you are looking a fast winger, he should be shortlisted.

Erik Lamela (RW)
The Argentinian had a lot of clubs eyed on him but for the time being, he is staying at Tottenham. He is 21 years of age and already has a rating of 81. Another useful winger to reckon with.

Wilfried Zaha (LW)
He is 19 years of age and currently playing at Manchester United. You can grab him early for cheap, but if he gets older by a couple of years, his price will go sky high. The winger has got impressive acceleration and agility.

Best Young Midfielders

Bernard Shakhtar Donetsk (CAM)
He was good in FIFA 13 but now, he has got even better. He is basically an attacking midfielder and considering his stats at the age of 21; he has excellent ball control, agility and passing skills.

Gary Mackay-Steven (LM)
The Scottish International is quite a handy player considering his skills. He is 23 years of age, and since he is not that expensive, you can keep him to make your substitute bench better.

Lucas (RM)
The 21-year-old is currently playing at PSG and enjoys the rating of 82 even at that age. He is fast, and his agility is also quite impressive.

Pogba (CM)
The 20 years old is currently playing in Juventus. At the age of 20, he is being rated 80 so if you can grab him early, he can serve a top-class midfielder.

Oxlaide-Chamberlain (MID)
He is currently an Arsenal player, and he managed to put up a great show last season there. He can fill in different roles in the midfield serving as a good utility player. He still quite young so you can expect him to grow exponentially.

Oscar (CAM)
The Brazilian International is doing great in his early age and is currently playing Chelsea. If you are looking for fast players who also have good ball control in the midfield, he can be a good option.

Leandro-Paredes (CAM)
The 19-year-old attacking midfielder is currently playing in Boca Juniors. He can be a good asset and easily be an 85+ rating player after a few years.

Mateo Kovačić (CM)
The Croatian International may not grow as fast as one may expect from a young talent, but he is only 19 years of age with a descent rating of 77. He can be a great play-maker if you give him a few years to grow.

Adam Maher (CAM)
The Dutch International has an impressive ball control and vision. So if you like to dominate the midfield with possession, Maher can be a viable option. He is just 20 years old so his growth curve will be high.

Best Young Defenders

Danilo (RB)
He is a Brazilian currently playing in FC Porto. The 22-year-old Right Back is quite fast and aggressive and can come in handy if you are using a team full of sprinters.

Jetro Willems (LB)
He is a Dutch international currently playing at PSV. The 19-year-old Left Back has a great potential to be among the best. Balance, Jump Speed and Speed are his primary attributes.

Montoya (LB)
The 22 years old Left Back has an impressive stamina coupled with speed and crossing ability. He is currently playing in Barcelona.

Matija Nastasić (CB)
The Center Back from Manchester City club is full of potential. At the age of 20, he has been playing an anchor role in the defense and is a sure contender of 85+ rating in the future.

Marquinhos (CB)
The Brazilian is currently playing at PSG as Center Back. He is only 19 years of age with a rating of 78 so his growth rate is also going to be exponential.

Matthias Ginter (CB)
The German Center Back has a rating of 75 at 19 years of age. His stats may seem dull in the beginning, but if you let him play for a few years; you won’t regret the investment.

Varane (CB)
He is rather a famous young talent. The French international is currently in Real Madrid and is 20 years of age. His defensive skills are definitely impressive.

David Alaba (CB)
He has been a core member of Bayern Munich squad last season. The 21-year-old enjoys the rating of 81 and can be a good substitute if you are looking to make your defense stronger.

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