FIFA 11 Tips Tricks and Skills Guide

We have curated some useful tips and tricks in FIFA 11 for you so that you can get better in different aspects of the game.

FIFA 11 accompanies a very decent created the latest passing system, which was not included in the games before. 360-degree dribbling system has been executed in the game, which when joined with the manual mechanized passing and fake tricks, gives this game the opportunity to play football, the manner in which it is intended to be played.

FIFA 11 Tips

If you’re thinking how to play well then, the tips and guides of FIFA 11 given below that will guide to play Good.

How to Perform Celebrations in FIFA 11
In FIFA 11 Celebration can be perform by following methods:

Knee Slide to fist Pump:

Jump Punch to Fist Pump:
Hold LEFT BUMPER + Cross

Big Fist Pump:


Shoulder Dust:
Hold LEFT BUMPER + Double Tap B

Bottom Dance:
Hold LEFT BUMPER + Double Tap Cross

Pointing towards the crowd:
Hold LEFT BUMPER + Double Tap Y

Standing while pointing at the sky:
Hold LEFT BUMPER+ Hold Rocker Button (Upwards)

Standing Archer:
Hold LEFT BUMPER + Hold Rocker Button (Right Side)

Knee Slide Fall on Back:
Hold LEFT BUMPER + Hold Rocker Button (Downwards)

Punch and Dodge:
Hold LEFT BUMPER + Hold Rocker Button (Left Side)

Chest Slide:
Hold LEFT BUMPER + Flick Rocker Button (Downwards and Upwards)

Hold LEFT BUMPER + Flick Rocker Button (Upwards and Downwards)

Head Shake:
Hold LEFT BUMPER + Flick Rocker Button (left side and Right side)

Standing Arm Sweep:
Hold LEFT BUMPER + Flick Rocker Button (Right side and Left side)

Backflip/Arms towards the Crowd:
Hold LEFT BUMPER + Flick Rocker Button (Upwards Twice) Note: backflips are for agile players.

Single Knee Fist Pump:
Hold LEFT BUMPER + Flick Rocker Button (Right side Twice)

Kneel and pointing at Heaven:
Hold LEFT BUMPER + Flick Rocker Button (Downwards Twice)

Handstand/Roll and Punch:
Hold LEFT BUMPER + Spin Rocker Button (Clockwise) Note: Handstands are for agile players.

Double Backflip/Roll:
Hold LEFT BUMPER + Spin Rocker Button (Anticlockwise)

Upper Cut Jump Punch:
Hold LEFT BUMPER + Press Rocker Button

FIFA 11 Tips for Penalties

Two of the most important aspects of Penalty are:

The location of the Shot
The amount of strength you’ll need to set up behind it.

Power/Strength and Location
Power up your shot, Start the run-up and Press + Hold B

The quicker you are the possibilities of shooting a goal is increased. If you are using too much Power then the chances of you missing the net will increases.
To score a Penalty easily you’ll have to Power up your shot, Start the run-up and Press and Hold B and Aim anywhere inside the net you desire to goal with the help of Left Stick.

Note: The longer you hold the aiming stick the further your shot will lead the ball too. Also aiming too short will cause the ball to hit the middle of the net/goal.

Under the Power Bar is the “Composure Meter” consisting of different colors, the Green and Yellow color indicates that you are controlled and the Red indicated that you’re not. The oscillating needle helps you control the Power of your kick, just stop in the composed area of the needle in order to kick accurately.

FIFA 11 Stamina and Fatigue

Exhaustion along with recovery of the player’s Energy Bar is influenced by the Stamina and also and what influence it has on his movement. You can only run at full speed for a long period of time if you have a decent stamina. Also, you’ll recover your energy quickly when you reach the end of the pitch.

It is the influence of a drained player have on his capacity to quicken and run on top speed.

FIFA 11 Tips for a Goalkeeper

Being a Goalkeeper is a very difficult task, if the Goalkeeper is capable of defending the goal then you can win the Game. How to win FIFA?

Simply follow the instructions below to Win FIFA.

In order to be located in a position where the goal is protected move around with the help of the Left Stick when the ball is on its way. By holding the Right Stick in the direction, you desire to dive, you can save it.

Just remember that timing is a very important aspect of being a Goalkeeper. Hold “Y” for charging up the ball for a Punching aim, If air balls are coming from crosses.

Press “X” to defend the ball when an opponent is sprinting towards you in the box for a goal.

Few Hints are also available for example:

When you are defending, you’ll find an indicator that demonstrates the best area to cover. When its Green it means that you’re in a decent area, holding LB can lead you to that position automatically. when defending your goal, a red pointer will show up on any opponent who is endeavoring a shot.

Basically, these pointers/indicators can be activated as well as de-activated in the setting. You can also zoom in the pitch to see clearly by pressing Back. The controls are available on the control help screen.

FIFA 11 Tricks (Xbox 360)
Following methods will show you how to perform Tricks in FIFA 11

Heel to heel kick:
Flick Upward and flick Downward (according to the joystick).

Ronaldo Chop: Diagonal back/left twice (Juggling).

right to downwards then to left (according to the joystick.)

Scoop Turn:
Diagonal back/left twice (Standing).

Dragback Fake:
Move L stick to downwards to right then downwards to left.

Downward then upwards twice.

Sombrero Flick:
Upward twice then Downwards

Rainbow Variation:
Downwards then hold upwards for a second then upwards again.

Rabona is random it can happen while directly bringing the ball into the box with expert players.

Ball Roll Fake:
Hold R stick right, then hold L stick left.

Hocus Pocus:
Downwards to left then Downwards to Right.

Mcgeady Spin:
Flick Upward then Flick Left.

Fake Rabona:
(Running at fast speed) Press “A” when Lob power bar increases and keep L stick downwards.

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