AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution Increases Steam Deck’s Battery Life

The FidelityFX Super Resolution rendering technology of AMD has turned out to be a battery saver for Steam Deck players.

According to YouTuber The Phawx earlier today, benchmarks conducted with games like Control have confirmed that enabling FidelityFX Super Resolution can help increase the battery life of Steam Deck by more than an hour.

While it depends on the game in question, players will (mostly) not have to worry about a noticeable drop in visual quality. FidelityFX Super Resolution will ensure higher frame rates nonetheless, but players will need to remember to always cap their games at 60 frames per second since the Steam Deck screen only supports up to 60Hz. Anything more will only drain the battery faster and for no reason.

Several questions have been raised about the battery performance of Steam Deck less than two weeks before launch. The official statement of developer Valve is that players can expect the battery to last anywhere between two to eight hours depending on the game and its general settings. However, early previews have now confirmed through battery figures to not be ideal.

Demanding games can reportedly drain the entire Steam Deck battery in around 90 minutes. Less demanding games on the other hand can take at least six hours which is still two hours less than what Valve has advertised for its handheld.

Elsewhere, Valve has made good on its promise to make it easy for users to repair their units if needed. iFixit was announced earlier today to serve as an authorized seller of Steam Deck replacement parts. However, one thing that will not be easy to replace will be the battery as demonstrated in a breakdown video from iFixit.

The first wave of Steam Decks will roll out in less than ten days. Valve should be announcing more release details in the coming days.

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