FFXV AP Farming Guide – Max AP Build, How to Farm AP

Final Fantasy XV AP Farming Guide to help you farm Ability Points and style on your enemies with max APs build.

As I have mentioned in my Character Builds Guide, you only need to have a handful of APs for a particular build – depending on your playstyle. However, there are players who would want to farm APs and unlock every Ascension Node in the game.

If you are one of those players, this guide should help you achieve that.

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Final Fantasy XV AP Farming Guide

In our Final Fantasy XV AP Farming Guide, we have discussed methods to help you maximise your AP count and unlock every Ascension Node.

Final Fantasy XV AP Farming Method #1

First of all, you need to unlock Exploration Nodes related to camping, character skills, and driving at the earliest. Once done, unlock Magic Nodes to run a powerful ‘Black Mage’ build – see our Character Builds Guide for more information.

Once you have completed the main quest conversations with Cindy at Hammerhead, you get 10 APs. From there, you need to avoid the main quest and head to the north of Cotisse Haven to absorb all elemental energy and camp for another AP.

From there, choose a recipe that does not require any ingredients and when asked, complete ‘Stirred, Not Shaken’ tour with Ignis to get another 20 APs. Once done, head back to Hammerhead and purchase 91 bottles of Sheep Milk from the Minimart for 910 Gil.

Once there, you need to complete the first four strategy tutorials for 12 APs. Along the way, you need to defeat 3 enemies with warp-strikes, blindsides, or parries to earn 3 more APs. After you have freed Dave, do it for 2 AP. From there, you need to head to Merrioth Haven to absorb all elemental energy and unlock Happy Camping.

Camp once again to reach Level 3 and another 26 APs followed by unlocking Happier Camping. Head over to nearby Dualhorn to defeat it and earn another 3 APs. From there, continue south to Criclawe Haven and absorb all elemental energy. At this point, you need to train with Gladio and defeat him for 5 APs, camp for 3 APs, and camp at Merrioth Haven for another 3 APs.

By now, you should have enough AP to learn Powercraft. If you are short on AP, you can run between Merrioth and Criclawe to farm some easy AP – by camping, of course.

You also need the Appetize to strengthen your allies and to earn an extra AP every time you camp. With these Ascension Abilities, you should be able to proceed through the first-half of the game without much difficulty. Try to stick to 99 units of energy with 92 bottles of Sheep Milk as a catalyst.

You basically need to advance to Chapter 2 in order to get your 3rd Magic Flask. This should allow you to keep all three elemental spells at your disposal at all times. Apart from this, you should also try and complete a few hunts to earn some Gil and continue buying Sheep Milk.

Lastly, you also need to have a Magic-boosting equipment in Noctis’ second accessory slot. Once you have earned a bit more AP, consider investing in Elementality and Extra Powercraft for some increased magical abilities.

Final Fantasy XV AP Farming Method #2

For this method, you need to have Angler Action, Roadrunning, and Roadlife. Since in Final Fantasy XV, Fishing does not take a whole lot of time, you should definitely consider it if you are into Fishing.

In case you are not, you need to hop into your car during the daytime hours. The best part? You do not really have to drive and have Ignis cruise you around. Finally, you need to have Happy Camping or Happier Camping in order to earn some additional APs from camping.

This is all we have on our Final Fantasy XV AP Farming Guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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