FFXIV Online: ARR Thaumaturge Guide – Skills, Traits, Jobs and Off-Class Abilities

The terrifying elemental power of Eorzea can be best utilized by none other than the Thaumaturge, a power class with the ancient knowledge of elemental magic.

Their art of thaumaturgy can be utilized to create great destruction, and so they utilize it against the most threatening foes that inhabit the lands.

FFXIV Online: ARR Thaumaturge

The Thaumaturge is a ranged sorcerer, and the primary mage of the Disciple of Magic. They are offensive nukers, capable of casting devastating spells in quick success to do very large amounts of damage.

Thaumaturges are more of the mind than body, and thus are extremely weak without protection. Thus, they often need the company of a Paladin or Marauder to aid them, while they cause devastation on the lands that are occupied by their enemies.

Recommended Class
The Thaumaturge belonging from the Elezen and Lalafell race excel at their dark arts, though the ones from Hyur are also fairly competent.

Combat Role

Thaumaturge are best at the back of a part, protected by the beefy statures of the Marauder and the valiant presence of the Gladiator. In addition to heavy elemental damage, they have the ability to cast CC spells, such as making enemies go to sleep or slowing their movement.

This makes them great controllers of the battlefield, and when combined with their nuking ability, they can decimate the toughest foes within no time at all.

The weapons that a Thaumaturge can equip include Scepters, Brands, Cudgels, and Rods. The most important attribute for the class is Intelligence, which fuels their magic damage capability and their mana power.

Thaumaturges are generally tough to play with because of their physical weakness. However, anyone who has played as a mage in a conventional MMO RPG should adapt to the class very quickly.


The Thaumaturge’s skillset is abundant with hardcore elementally offensive skills and also contains a set of crowd-control abilities to give them better dominance.

A major issue with Thaumaturges is that some skills have large casting times, while others have large MP usage, while the rest have very large recharge times.

This mix of delays can be very frustrating for inexperienced mage-players, thus requiring an essential follow-through of which ability should be used when.

Skill Unlock Levels
1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 18, 22, 26, 30, 34, 38, 42, 46, 50.

Skills List
The following is the list of skills that a Thaumaturge acquires. Note that these skills are listed in an ascending order by level of unlock:

Deals ice damage with a potency of 150.

Deals fire damage with a potency of 150.

Swaps Astral Fire with a single Umbral Ice, or Umbral Ice with a single Astral Fire.

Deals lightning damage with a potency of 30.

Next spell is cast without interruption.

Puts target to sleep. Cancels auto-attack upon execution.

Blizzard II
Deals ice damage with a potency of 100 to all nearby enemies.

Deals elementally unaspected damage with a potency of 120.

Fire II
Deals fire damage with a potency of 100 to target and enemies near it.

Thunder II
Deals lightning damage with a potency of 50.

Next spell is cast immediately.

Creates a barrier that nullifies magic damage totaling up to 15% of maximum HP.

Fire III
Deals fire damage with a potency of 220.

Blizzard III
Deals ice damage with a potency of 220

Inflicts target with Slow and Heavy +20%.

Thunder III
Deals lightning damage with a potency of 60.

Aetherial Manipulation
Rush to a target party member’s side.


Traits are passive abilities unique to each class. They give the class passive boosts, by either increasing their stats or by enhancing the skills in some way.

The Thaumaturge’s traits increase the Intelligence attribute and greatly increase the effectiveness of certain abilities.

Traits Unlock Levels
8, 14, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36, 40, 44, 48.

Traits List
The following are the traits unlocked by the Thaumaturge, in ascending order of unlock level.

Enhanced Intelligence
Increases intelligence by 2 points.

Enhanced Intelligence II
Increases intelligence by 4 points.

Enhanced Surecast
Grants a 15% chance that upon use, Surecast will have no recast time.

Magick and Mend
Increases base action damage by 10% and allows for the stacking of a second Astral Fire or Umbral Ice.

Enhanced Scathe
Grants a 20% chance that Scathe will deal double damage.

Grants a 5% chance after each tick that next Thunder, Thunder II or Thunder III will add full damage over time to its initial damage, have no cast time and cost no MP. Chance lasts 12 seconds.

Enhanced Intelligence III
Increases intelligence by 6 points.

Deep Sleep
Extends the area of effect for Sleep from a single target to a five-yalm radius.

Magick and Mend II
Increases base action damage by 30% and allows for the stacking of a third Astral Fire and Umbral Ice

Grants a 40% chance that upon casting Fire, your next Fire III will require no MP and have no casting time. Chance lasts 12 seconds.

Enhanced Manaward
Increases damage nullified by Manaward to 30% of your maximum HP.

Off-Class Abilities

A great way to add versatility to your character is by adopting shared skill from other classes.

You can only do this when you have reached level 10 and finished your class quest. Once done, you can visit different guilds to try out other classes.

Do note that not all abilities can be shared, and the abilities that can be used need to be unlocked as that class. So, if you wished to use Cure and Protect from the Conjurer’s skillset for your Thaumaturge, then you would need to level the Conjurer to level 8.

Recommended Off-Class Abilities for Thaumaturge
Since the Thaumaturge has no defensive skill, and also lacks armor, it is certainly recommended to go for the Conjurer skills first after leveling to 10.

The recommended off-class abilities from the Conjurer class are:

  • Cure (level 2)
  • Protect (level 8)

Another set of abilities I would strongly consider are the Pugilists:

  • Second Wind (level 8)
  • Internal Release (level 12)

Skills Rotation

It’s hard to find a skill rotation that works for every kind of enemy, since many foes have elemental resistances, nullifying the damage you would do from certain skills.

Generally though, you want to do spike damage, and let your abilities cast by staying a bit far from enemies to prevent interruption. If you feel your casts might get interrupted, then Surecast is a great skill that will ensure this doesn’t happen.

Here is a generally good nuking rotation:

  • Scathe
  • Thunder
  • Fire (use till mana low)
  • Transpose
  • Blizzard

Repeat this, and occasionally use skills like Surecast and Aetherial Manipulation when necessary.


Jobs in Final Fantasy XIV: ARR are high specializations for classes. Basically, they are the most specialized type of class. Each job has a specific lead class from one of the two non-crafting Disciples, i.e. Disciple of War and Disciple of Magic.

Each job requires 30 levels in the lead class and 15 levels in a specific secondary class. Jobs in general are ideal for those playing in parties.

The job for the Thaumaturge is Black Mage. In addition to a level 30 Thaumaturge, you need 15 levels in the Arcanist class as well. Also, you won’t be able to use Off-class abilities from other classes except Thaumaturge, Arcanist, and Archer.

Jobs give your character additional skills that will further aid in your defensive or offensive onslaught, depending on the type of class. The Black Mage Job grants you a mix of powerful AoE skills and other utility abilities that make your character even more lethal in combat.

The following are the skills of the Thaumaturge, unlocked after every five levels starting from level 30:

Sacrifices 20% of maximum HP to restore 30% of MP. Cannot be executed when current HP is lower than 20%

Covers a designated area in ice, dealing ice damage with a potency of 20 and binding enemies that enter.

Increases a Disciple of War or Magic party member’s resistance to Fire, Ice, and Lightning by 30%. Cannot be reused on an individual for 60 seconds from when the effect wears off. Cannot be cast on self.

Creates a barrier that nullifies two physical attacks.

Deals fire damage with a potency of 260 to a target and enemies near it.

Don’t forget to share your own skills rotations, traits, jobs and off-class abilities for Thaumaturge in FFXIV Online: ARR.

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