FFXIV Online: ARR Level 25 Guildhests Guide – Flicking Sticks Taking Names and All’s Well That End’s Well

As with all the previous guildhests, a new one is unlocked every 5 levels so at level 25 you will be given a new pair of guildhests to complete but keep in mind that you cannot do them unless you’ve sequentially completed all the previous ones which are level 10, level 15 and level 20.

FFXIV Online: ARR Level 25 Guildhests

As always, you’ll require a party of four members which consists of a tank, a healer and 2 DPS class members. As done before, you’ll be accessing the guildhests through the Duty Finder where you can find a party of your level from across all servers if you are solo.

If you have a full party, then your party leader can queue up while the other members accept to enter the guildhests. The level 25 guildhests are much more difficult than the previous ones due to the heavy emphasis of crowd control abilities such as sleep or bind.

Just be sure to complete them within the given time limit, or you will have to try again.

All’s Well that Ends Well

The first level 20 guildhest will take you into the Black Shroud. Your main task in this guildhest will be finding and defeating Briaxio of the Well and along with this, you are given tips, which advise you on how to counter enfeebling magic and how to you to split your party into two units so you can take your objectives much more efficiently.

Follow the advice if you want this guildhest to go smoothly.

Initially, you will encounter three sets of mobs along the path towards Briaxio. These mobs don’t really pack a large punch, but they possess crowd control abilities which you should begin learning to counter. For example, Drake monsters have the potential to incapacitate the tank if he fails to move out of the breath.

Keep in mind that you will need to keep a close eye to spot these effects coming as they are very easy to miss in a pack fight so if you’d like to avoid frozen tanks you will need to analyze all the effects in the arena and learn which ones you will need to counter to avoid failure.

After you’ve dealt with the three sets of mobs, you will encounter Briaxio. At this point, the duty log will advise you that during this fight, you will also be faced with five separate adds who will enter the arena through the left or right of Briaxio’s initial position.

It is good to note that adds will take a fair bit of time to reach the actual place of battle so you have a solid window to counter them through sleep or bind spells.

Note that different groups of adds can enter the arena at the same time so be prepared to fight multiple groups. You’ll need good target prioritization during this fight to analyze which adds need to be put to sleep and which ones need to be burst down as soon as possible to avoid a complicated fight.

Along with all this, you will also face quite a bit of enfeebling effects during the fight so you’ll need to be ready at all times to cleanse these effects when they hit your party members.

As you’re in the final moments of this encounter, you will face another group of drakes which you had faced before on your way to Briaxio. These drakes have the same abilities as the ones you faced before so remember that their breath attacks have the potential to freeze your tank so your tanks needs to actively dodge all those breath attacks to avoid getting incapacitated.

You’ll need to adapt to how the fight changes if you’re to have success in this fight so always be on your toes.

Flicking Sticks and Taking Names

Your second level 25 guildhest will take you back into the Black Shroud, but this time around; you will be facing off against a Horde of Goblins.

Old-School fans of the Final Fantasy series will know that when you encounter Goblins, you’re bound to encounter bombs at the same time. This trend in Goblins continues in FFXIV: ARR so you’ll need to be very focused on the fight to notice the bombs coming to effectively dodge them.

At the start of the guildhest, your first encounter will be against a few pairs of Goblin Outlaws. Keep pulling in a pair and finishing them off pair by pair. Keep an eye on the linking indicators so you don’t end up fighting four Goblins at the same time.

During the fight, time to time these Goblins will toss bombs at you so it is good to sleep one of them as you finish the second one so you don’t have to deal with dodging multiple bombs at the same time.

After defeating the Goblin Outlaws, you will be faced with a stairway which has been barricaded and is surrounded by Goblins.

You’ll need to take this barricade down, and as you attempt to take it down, goblins will throw bombs at you. It makes it a very challenging task and puts even more emphasis on getting the ranged attacks right to successfully get through this stage of the guildhest.

After you bring the barricade down, the entire pack of Goblins will swarm your entire party, so you’ll need to clear all of them up before you progress. These Goblins are fairly weaker than the Goblin outlaws you encountered earlier, so clearing all of them up is not as difficult of a task as it may sound.

As you proceed to go up the stairs, you will reach another set of stairs where the exact same thing occurs. Goblins have the area barricaded and are tossing bombs at you. Rinse and Repeat as you did before to take down these goblins.

After going through the Goblins, you will encounter “Stikflix Grumblytoss” the leader of the Goblin outlaws in the final boss fight of this guildhest. This boss is one of the most frustrating things you have ever seen in the game up until now.

He will throw an immense amount of bombs at you forcing you to constantly reposition to dodge these bombs. Early on he’ll only be throwing three or four but as the fight advances, he throws an insane number of bombs.

Later, he throws more than 10 bombs at any given time so dodging them all is extremely difficult, but as you are near the end of the fight, he’ll begin to throw larger bombs, which are much easier to avoid making it a tricky but manageable boss fight.

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