FFXIV Online: ARR Level 15 Guildhests Guide – Enemy Strongholds and Hero on the Halfshell

Guildhests are party based activities, which reward experience and gil upon completion. They’re unlocked sequentially every five levels, which means you can’t attempt the level 15 guildhests before completing the level 10 guildhests.

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FFXIV Online: ARR Level 15 Guildhests

The level 15 guildhest is intended to be done by a light party consisting of four members, preferably one tank, one healer and two DPS. The level 15 guildhests will teach you basic party mechanics and how to co-operate with each for a successful guildhest.

As with the level 10 guildhest, you access them through the Duty Finder. If you are in a party, the party leader queues up and the remaining group members simply need to confirm their entrance.

If you are looking for a party, Duty Finder will find players across all servers and completes your group formation for you. Keep in mind that you need to complete them within the time limit, or you will fail.

Basic Training: Enemy Strongholds

In this guildhest, you and your party are to move through a cave as you get constantly tasked with defeating multiple packs of monsters.

These are mainly to help you with your damage avoidance and your target prioritization mechanics. Keep in mind that a lot of these monsters can do AoE attacks so your tank will need to keep them away from your party if you want to avoid damage.

During the guildhest, one of the gates will have a late “add” which will be closing in on you from behind the party. You’ll need to have your tank intercept it or you could use a sleep spell if you have one at your disposal.

Make sure you dodge the AoE attacks thrown by the mobs in the dungeon as this mechanic will be the key to survival in the dungeons later.

As you shred the mobs, you’ll be able to open new gates. You’ll need to pass through these gates to progress through. After you’ve passed a few gates, you will finally encounter the boss of this guildhest which is the Ledgeleaper.

The ledgeleaper has two core skills and one of them is a leap which is basically a high damage PBAOE to everyone who remains in his proximity. The location on the ground marked by the red circle indicates where he will land.

Secondly, as you’re fighting the ledge leaper, you will notice that there is a pair of level 15 boulders on each side of the arena. The ledgeleaper will destroy these boulders, and as he does this, a group of Yarzon Lurkers will appear.

Take note of how much damage your party can deal over a said amount of time and how much damage that your tank can take before dying.

If the ledgeleaper is at low hp, it is recommended that you ignore the Yarzon Lurkers and focus on bringing the ledgeleaper himself down, but if he has a high amount of HP, it is generally good to focus the Yarzon Lurkers down before continuing with the ledgeleaper.

Hero on the Halfshell

This is your second level 15 guildhest featuring a boss with mechanics that can interact with the environment. To finish this event, you will need to interact with a herb patch. Keep in mind that you will need good positioning and add management if you’re to succeed in this fight.

As you enter the fight arena, you will see a large gil turtle who will be surrounded by a group of amateur Raiders. Take note of the herb patch which is located near the ground where you enter as this is part of your objective to complete this guildhest.

Your main focus should be on the Raiders and the Eft that will be coming up from the river as the fight goes on. When you have dealt with both, you can focus on dealing some damage to the turtle. Note that you are not to kill the turtle.

After doing some damage to the turtle, a fire sprite will spawn, immediately switch your focus towards it and DPS him down to acquire a needed item while your tank deals with the turtle.

Bring the turtle close to the herb patch and ignite it with the item you took from the fire sprite, this will fill the entire arena with a fragrant smoke which won’t affect your party, but it will cause the turtle to doze off, thus successfully completing the guildhest.

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