FFXIV Online: ARR Haukke Manor Dungeon Guide

Like previous dungeons, it is designed for a party consisting of 4 members and has a time limit of 90 minutes which is more than enough to complete it!

You also need the level 28 story quest ‘Skeletons in her closet’ to access this dungeon. The level requirement is from 29 to 31 and anyone above level 31 will be synced down to 31 until the dungeon ends.

FFXIV Online: ARR Haukke Manor Dungeon

Location: The dungeon of Haukke Manor is located in the Central Shroud near the White Wolf gate of Gridania.

Haukke Manor is a dungeon consisting of three different stages and tons of wandering mobs such as the Manor Maidservants. This is the dungeon where the real challenges begin to start so you’ll need to utilize everything you have learned up till now if you wish accomplish at it.

As stated before, the dungeon has three stages and these are the First floor, the basement and finally the second floor where you encounter the boss of the dungeon Lady Amandine.

Haukke Manor: First Floor

The first floor is fairly linear but you need to be cautious as there are tons of patrolling mobs in the area. In the first floor you will mostly encounter Manor Maidservants. These mobs initiate the fight with a ground targeted PBAOE ability which can be dodged and also interrupted if your timing is correct.

Other than the patrolling Maidservants, you will encounter packs of bats, mushroom, and slime which you can take out with ease.

Manor Claviger
The first mini boss fight of this dungeon is against the Manor Claviger. You will encounter him in his room which is located in the center of the first floor.

The Manor Claviger has three main abilities which he utilizes throughout the fight; the first of these is a cleave attack and its damage output is insane. While doing good damage even to your tank, it can be fatal to your lightly armored party members if not properly avoided. His second ability is Void Fire II which he targets at random members of the party.

Note: It will target members which stand at a distance more often.

His third ability is his Dark Mist which is his PBAOE ability and has moderate damage output. Similar to his Void Fire, this can also be interrupted or dodged.

Bringing this boss down will get you a key which unlocks the basement where the next stage of the dungeon takes place.

Haukke Manor: Basement

The mobs in this part of the dungeon are usually wisps, bats, and skeletons which are usually in packs of three and aren’t that difficult to take out.

When you’ve cleared the basement, you will unlock a room which has the second mini boss fight of this dungeon. The second boss fight will be against the Manor Jester and Manor Steward and is a rather difficult fight.

Manor Jester and Manor Steward
You will need to prioritize your targets properly in this fight because if you split your focus between the two bosses you will probably end up failing the boss fight. It is advised to focus down the Manor Jester first as he is much squishier than the Steward.

Your tank needs to keep the aggro of both these bosses on him throughout the fight or the other party members will be in for some pain. After you take the Jester down, switch your focus to the Manor Steward who doesn’t have many tricks up his sleeve other than his PBAOE ability which can be interrupted or dodged.

As you take these two down you will get a key which will take you into the upper floor of the Manor.

Haukke Manor: Upstairs

As you enter the second floor you will encounter the Manor Sentry. Play this cautiously as you will probably be still recovering from the previous boss fight. At around half HP the Manor Sentry will flee to wake up Lady Amandine who is the final boss of this dungeon.

Amandine is a Thaumaturge with a huge amount of abilities at her disposal so you will need to be on your toes at all times.

You fight Lady Amandine in a large square room which has lanterns in the corners which need to be interacted with during the fight. As the fight begins, Amandine will light up the lamps which will cause a series of AOE attacks in the arena. Your party will need to turn all of them off quickly so as to avoid taking massive chunks of damage.

Lady Amandine can also cast Dark Mist and Void Fire II which are both the abilities that the Manor Claviger had at his disposal.

Throughout the fight, Lady Amandine will also summon bombs which explode as you enter their explosion radius and the damage they deal can be fatal so you need to stay clear from their explosion radius to avoid taking massive damage.

As the fight progresses and you take Lady Amandine down to about 25%, she will summon waves of adds which you will need to dispose of instantly so that they do not overwhelm your Healer and then your party.

These adds are immune to sleep and the fastest way you can get rid of them is through a DPS Limit Break while the tank keeps aggro of Lady Amandine.

When you’re done with the waves of adds you can return your focus onto Lady Amandine and take her down to complete the dungeon.

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