FFXIV Online: ARR Hatali Dungeon Guide

Hatali is the fourth dungeon in FFXIV: ARR. It has a level requirement of level 20 and caps at level 22. Players above level 22 will have to sync down to level 22 if they wish to enter this dungeon.

You will also need to complete the ‘Hello Hatali’ quest from Nedrick Ironheart in Vespern Bay along with the previous three dungeons.

The dungeon has a time limit of 90 minutes as all previous dungeons and requires a party consisting of 4 people.

FFXIV Online: ARR Hatali Dungeon

Location: The dungeon is located in Eastern Thanalan near Camp Drybone.

As you navigate into the depths of this coliseum themed dungeon you will find a numbers of chains which can be pulled. Pulling these chains may either spawn monsters or they may drop treasure chests and what you get is purely based on your luck.

Trash Mobs

You will mostly be fighting Imps and Doctore in the initial stages of the dungeon but you will encounter a few bombs on the side. Bombs are best solo pulled and taken down as they will self destruct if they are engaged and not taken down after a while.

Hatali dungeon isn’t as linear as the previous dungeons and you will notice a good amount of side rooms along the way. Keep in mind that the mobs in the dungeon keep on getting harder as you progress through the dungeon.

Boss Fights

The first boss fight in Hatali will be against the fire elemental; Firemane. His own damage is relatively low but there is a large amount of monster adds as you go through the fight which make it hard even with Firemane’s low damage output.

Halfway through the fight, the gates around the battle arena will begin to lift bringing in fire wisps. These fire wisps will rush to a fire pit in the area and will explode. It is crucial that your DPS take them out before the reach the fire pit. Other than this, you should be able to take Firemane down with ease.

After you defeat Firemane, he will drop a treasure chest and the fire pit where the wisps were rushing into turns into an Aetherial Flow. You will need to go into the Aetherial Flow to be teleported deeper into the dungeon.

Thunderclap Guivre
During the second part of the dungeon, you will mostly encounter antis and snake type monsters and the boss in this area will be Thunderclap Guivre who is a lightning drake standing in a puddle of water.

The fight with Thunderclap Guivre is fairly straightforward except for the fact that he will become entrenched about three times during the fight. During his invulnerability, he will spawn waves of lightning sprites which are relatively easy to take out.

Take out the Sprites and Guivre will reengage you. As expected of a boss, he also has an AOE attack which hits in a cone and deals solid damage so your DPS and Healer need to watch out for this.

After defeating Thunderclap Guivre, use the Aetherial Flow again to teleport deeper into the dungeon.

Pit Pieste
The next stage of the dungeon is fairly short and consists of a small optional boss-fight with the who you can take out the standard way by having your tank lure him away as your DPS deals the damage. While the fight is optional, it is recommended that you do this because who doesn’t want easy treasure loot?!

Tanganta is the final boss fight of the Hatali dungeon. The arena where you fight the Tangata is a circular chamber which has a fairly similar design to that of the Firemane arena.

The mechanics involved in this fight are basically a mix of those involved in the Thunderclap Guivre and Firemane fights.

At certain points during the fight, Tanganta will go unvanquishable; bathing in a pool of lava that does damage to anyone who stands in it. Other than this, there are also the fire wisps which do exactly the same as they did during the Firemane boss fight.

They rush towards Tanganta as he is in the pool of lava and explode at contact.

On top of all this, he also summons fire sprites which your DPS needs to dispose of instantly to avoid complicating the boss fight even further. When done with this, Tanganta will no longer be invulnerable and you may continue to ruin his day.

Keep on using the same strategy until Tanganta is dead and you will complete the dungeon in no time.

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