FFXIV Online: ARR Gladiator Guide – Skills, Traits, Jobs and Off-Class Abilities

Don’t let the appellation fool you; the Gladiator won’t be battling in circular arenas with nothing but the inevitable marriage of his/her chest and an enemy’s sword.

The Gladiator is a fast and free warrior that only gains its name from its ancestors, who taught the ways of ruthless combat with one-handed weapons and shields.

FFXIV Online: ARR Gladiator

The Gladiator is one of the two major tanking classes in the Disciple of War, alongside the Marauder. Unlike the Marauder, Gladiators special in one-handed weapons, and rely on their fine mix of offense and defensive skills & traits to dominate battles.

The Gladiator class serves as the base class for the selfless and mighty Paladin Job, giving you further durability and making you a vital asset at the front lines in team games.

Recommended Race
Most races tend to work with Gladiators, but the Hyurs are probably the best choice. Roegadyn are also a good choice, though they tend to suit Marauders more. The most important attribute for the Gladiator is hands down Strength.

Many would argue that Vitality is the most important, but Strength allows the Gladiator to be much more effective. Consider more or less even distribution between the two attributes, but with a ratio that supports Strength a little more.

Combat Role

The Gladiators, alongside the Marauders, are the fore-front assaulters during combat. Their job is to get up-close and deal as much damage as possible. Since the Gladiator’s skillset is abundant with self-buffs and enemy debuffs, they tend to do quite well against stronger enemies.

Gladiators rely heavily on their armor, shield, and weaponry.

They specialize in handling all kinds of one-handed weapons, from small daggers to long swords. The recommended weapon for most Gladiators would be a long sword, as it possesses a fine balance between speed, damage, and reach.

It is important to understand that Gladiators are not meant to deal high-level damage. That job is primarily for the assassin-like Pugilists and the acrobatic Lancers.

Instead, Gladiators, alongside Marauders, are meant to be enmity-centered characters, ensuring enemy focus in on them while they constantly tank and deal low-to-mid damage.

Many players recommend investing points in the Dexterity attribute once Strength has been maximized. However, these is not recommended, since Gladiators are not critical-strike focused. Instead, opt for Vitality, the second-most essential attribute for a Gladiator.


The Gladiator class has primarily offensive skills that strengthen its hack-and-slash capabilities. However, because of the tanking nature of the class, there is also an abundance of buff-skills, both offensive and defensive. This gives the Gladiator a fine mix of abilities to tank almost all kinds of enemies.

Skills List
Below are the set of skills that the native Gladiator class can unlock, along with their description and required level.

Fast Blade
Delivers a heavy attack. Acquired at Level 1.

Reduces damage taken by 10%. Acquired at Level 2.

Savage Blade
Delivers an attack with a potency of 100. Acquired at Level 4.

Fight or Flight
Increases physical damage dealt by 30%. Acquired at Level 6.

Increases Enmity in all nearby enemies. Acquired at Level 8.

Increases HP restored by spells or actions by 20%. Acquired at Level 10.

Riot Blade
Delivers an attack with a potency of 100. Acquired at Level 12.

Shield Lob
Delivers an attack with a potency of 120. Acquired at Level 15.

Shield Bash
Delivers an attack with a potency of 110. Acquired at Level 18.

Gesture threateningly, increasing enmity in target. Acquired at Level 22.

Rage of Halone
Delivers an attack with a potency of 100. Acquired at Level 26.

Shield Swipe
Delivers an attack with a potency of 210. Can only be used immediately after blocking an attack. Acquired at Level 30.

Reduces the chance of suffering critical damage by 25%.Acquired at Level 34.

Reduces damage taken by 30%. Acquired at Level 38.

Tempered Will
Immediately cures Bind and Heavy, while preventing knockback and draw-in effects. Acquired at Level 42.

Increases block rate by 60%. Acquired at Level 46.

Circle of Scorn
Delivers an attack with a potency of 100 to all nearby enemies. Acquired at Level 50.


Traits are passive bonuses that greatly enhance your character’s attributes and abilities.

Like Skills, traits are unlocked at specific levels. The Gladiator’s traits primarily focus on survivability. Additionally, a lot of the traits grant the class’s skills additional effects or extended duration.

Enhanced Vitality
Increases vitality by 2 points.

Enhanced Rampart
Increases damage reduction of Rampart by 20%.

Enhanced Vitality II
Increases vitality by 4 points.

Enhanced Flash
Adds blind effect to Flash with duration of 12 seconds.

Enhanced Vitality III
Increases vitality by 6 points.

Enhanced Fight or Flight
Extends Fight or Flight duration to 30 seconds.

Enhanced Convalescence
Improves the HP recovery increase granted by Convalescence to 30%.

Enhanced Shield Bash
Increases stun duration of Shield Bash to 6 seconds.

Enhanced Rage of Halone
Increases strength reduction of Rage of Halone to 10%.

Enhanced Awareness
Extends Awareness duration to 25 seconds.

Enhanced Sentinel
Increases damage reduction granted by Sentinel to 40%.

Off-Class Abilities

If you’re looking to play solo, then you might want to consider getting aid from other class skills. This can be done in Final Fantasy XIV by selecting an alternate class from their respective guild.

In order to start playing as an alternate class, you have to take on your main class’s quest at level 10. Once done, you can acquire skills from other classes.

If you want to, say, acquire Cure and Protect from the Conjurer class, then you will need to play as the Conjurer class within the same playthrough. You will need to level your class to Level 8 to unlock Cure and Protect both, and once you do, you can use it with your main class.

Note that only certain abilities are shared by each class – most of the abilities beyond level 30 (and even some below that level) are either class-exclusive or Disciple-exclusive. It is important to know which ability is shareable.

Recommended Off-Class Ability for Gladiator
If you aren’t going for Jobs, you should consider off-class abilities for your Gladiator. The best candidate is the Conjurer, since it is a class abundant with defense abilities that can really boost your survivability.

If you feel you do not have enough defensive abilities, or are finding yourself requiring them, consider the following Conjurer Skills:
Cure (Level 2)
Protect (Level 8)

Skills Rotation

It’s important to understand your class’s standard skills, and how you can use them in sequence to fulfill your role properly. Since the Gladiator is primarily a tank, you want to create as much enmity in enemies as possible, maintaining aggro so that other characters can attack without being focused on.

This is a generally good skill rotation for beginners:

  • Shield Lob
  • Flash
  • Fast Blade
  • Savage Blade
  • Flash or other Defensive Skill
  • Fast Blade/ Riot Blade
  • Flash

Flash is important because you must have enemies focusing you, and not the others. If you have a Marauder beside you, you can reduce the Flash, but it is VERY important that enemy attention doesn’t go toward others.


Jobs are high specializations that a class can take on. In order to acquire a job, your main class should be at level 30, while another class needs to be at level 15.

In the Gladiator’s case, the Job is Paladin, which needs a level 30 Gladiator and a level 15 Conjurer. This job gives the Gladiator a strong mix of supportive-tank abilities, making it a great selfless character at the front line.

It is important to note that once you acquire the Paladin job, you can only use off-class abilities from the Conjurer, Gladiator, and Marauder.

Combat Role
The Combat Role slightly changes once you become a Paladin. You will have to become more selfless – something that is necessary as the skills of a Paladin are based around it.

You’ll still be staying at the frontline, but consider yourself a shield for allies more than you did as a Gladiator. As a Paladin, it’s very important to invest in Vitality as well.

The following are the Paladin skills, unlocked from level 30 onwards after every 5 levels:

Sword Oath
Increases the potency of auto-attacks by 50. Cannot be used with Shield Oath.

Take all physical damage intended for another party member. Can only be used when member is closer than 6 yalms.

Shield Oath
Reduces damage received by 20%, while lowering damage dealt by 20% and increasing enmity. Cannot be used with Sword Oath.

Spirits Within
Delivers an attack with a potency of 300. Potency decreases as HP decreases.

Hallowed Ground
Renders you impervious to most attacks.

Recommended skills rotations, skills, traits, jobs and off-class abilities for Gladiator in FFXIV Online: ARR.

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