FFXIV Online: ARR Copperbell Mines Dungeon Guide

In FFXIV: ARR, the third dungeon that players will take on is Copperbell Mines.

Its level requirement starts at level 17 and caps at level 19 therefore, any players above level 19 will be synced down to level 19 if they wish to enter the dungeon and like other dungeons, you’ll need a party of 4 members to enter it!

Along with that there will be a 90 minute time limit for you to complete the dungeon.

FFXIV Online: ARR Copperbell Mines Dungeon

Location: The dungeon of Copperbell Mines is situated in Western Thanalan which is near Camp Horizon.

You’ll find that Copperbell Mines is a more complex and difficult dungeon than the previous two you have faced and you will need to properly strategize if you want to go through this dungeon in your first run.

Similar to Tam-Tara Deepcroft, Copperbell mines is generally a straightforward dungeon and while there are side rooms, it is not compulsory to explore them although it is advised to do so as they may contain valuable loot.


Deep Into the Mines

As you make your way down into the mines, you will need to go through a lot of lifts which require a toggle switch to work and rooms which need blasting caps to go through.

Trash Mobs

Along the dungeon you will encounter a number of mobs and most of these will be Wandering Spriggans and Gigas.

Spriggans are generally easy to kill as they travel mostly solo and there is no linking line between the Spriggans and nearby mobs. However, keep in mind that they aren’t static and usually wander around so if you ain’t careful; you will end up fighting multiple Spriggans at the same time.

Gigas are more annoying than the Spriggans and most of the time they will just break through a wall and start fighting you when you expect it the least or if you are already engaged in another fight.

Keep this in mind when you’re going through this dungeon so your tank can lure them away from the rest of the party.

Boss Fights

Your first boss encounter in the Copperbell mines will be against Kottos but before you can actually fight Kottos himself, you will need to go through multiple waves of mobs.

After a couple of waves of monsters; you will finally be able to fight Kottos himself. Kottos isn’t really that strong of a boss and his only advantage is that you will already be depleted by fighting those multiple waves of monsters before Kottos.

Killing Kottos is pretty simple; you just need your Tank to turn him away from the rest of the party while the DPS rains hell on him.

Ichorous Ire
Your second boss fight in the Copperbell mines will be against Ichorous Ire who is basically a huge blob of goo. This is a very difficult boss fight because the Ichorous Ire is initially invulnerable so players have no idea what they’re supposed to do!

Along with Ichorous Ire you will also encounter Spriggans throughout the fight so your DPS needs to be ready to take them out when they come. Note that; Spriggans drop blasting powder when killed and you need to take it because it helps a lot as the fight goes on.

In the arena you will notice that there is an improved blasting device besides a molten rock where you need to position the Ichorous Ire. After this your healer needs to interact with the improved blasting device which will spawn a bomb NPC.

Make sure not to kill him and keep on luring him to different positions until he is about to explode.

As he is about to explode you will need to entice him near the Ichorous Ire and as he explodes the Ichorous Ire will split into two smaller parts of himself. Repeat this process and he will eventually be split into multiple pieces and will no longer be invulnerable so your DPS can come in and ruin his day.

The third and final boss fight of the Copperbell Mines is against Gyges. While it may be the final boss fight in the dungeon, it simply does not compare to the complexity and focus required in the Ichorous Ire boss fight.

The fight is pretty simple! When Gyges spawns; have your tank face him away from your party so that the DPS can get do their part of damage.

Keep in mind that he does have a very powerful AOE attack that hits in a cone in front of him so the DPS and healers need to watch out for this. Other than that, when Gyges is at about 25% HP he will go to a nearby boulder and break it and adds will begin spawning from that area.

Make sure your tank keeps Gyges faced away from the party as the DPS takes the adds down and when you’re done with the adds you can proceed to take Gyges down.

When you’ve defeated Gyges you will get two treasure chests containing valuable items.

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