FFXIV Online: ARR Brayflox Longstop Dungeon Guide

Following a long and tiresome journey; Brayflox Alltalks, decides to camp within a deep jungle of Raincatcher Gully.

For he doesn’t agnize that jungle has also welcomed a baleful dragon named Aiatar. Having driven away from the jungle; Brayflox and his entire kin outcry for help. Undertake the task of liberating the jungle from the threat that Aiatar has imposed upon it.

FFXIV Online: ARR Brayflox Longstop Dungeon

Location: The dungeon of Brayflox Longstop is situated in Eastern La Noscea near Wineport.

As with earlier dungeons, Brayflox Longstop requires a party of 4 members and has a Level range of 32 with Level sync maximum at 34. So any player above this level range will be synced down to Level 34.

The biggest highlight of this dungeon is that it consists of a number of fast response events which yield great rewards. This dungeon has a lot of places which you can be explored for extra loot along with plenty of treasure chests.

Trash Mobs of Brayflox Longstop

The packs of mobs you will face in this dungeon will mostly consist of three monsters per pack and at least one of them will have either an AOE or Cone Attack. So you will need to keep this in mind and be ready to dodge them! Other than these packs, there will also be patrols of mobs which are the Swamp Pugil.

Make sure to engage them separately without confronting other mobs.

Rescuing the Goblins

This dungeon also features a unique side-quest. During your run through this dungeon, you will pass through a village of goblins who were being attacked by dragons.

You may choose to save them if you like and it is generally advised that you do this because the rewards you get from completing this are worth it!

Note: Just as your first party member enters the designated area; the goblins with their attackers will start to spawn giving you a short period of time before you could save them.

Also keep in mind that your healer can also heal allied goblins which will help out a lot during the fight.

Boss Fights

The Great Yellow Pelican
You face the Great Yellow Pelican pretty much as soon as you enter the dungeon. You will encounter him after taking out your first two packs of mobs. This is a fairly straightforward boss fight as no unique mechanics are involved.

There are only two main things in the fight that you need to watch out for; the first is that packs of Violet Back will join in the fight so it is advised that you switch places with the main damage dealers of the party and slay them as soon as possible.

The second thing is that the Pelican does a massive amount of damage with a poison attack which needs to be dodged.

Inferno Drake
After the Goblin side-quest you will encounter the second boss of this dungeon which is the Inferno Drake.

The Inferno Drake is like a standard Drake boss fight. He deals heavy damage and has an AOE attack which hits in a cone that must be evaded! About midway through the fight, Brayflox will enter the area while being chased by a smaller Drake.

Take out the smaller Drake and Brayflox will join in the fight to take out the Inferno Drake.

Your next boss fight in this dungeon will be against the Hellbender who you will encounter as you traverse the waters of this dungeon. The Hellbender is an Eth mob so he has the standard AOE cone attack which you need to dodge.

The main trick that the Hellbender has at its disposal are; he will incase one of your party members in a bubble and poison them while applying some dangerous debuffs along with the poison so your party will need to react quickly and take the bubble down to free the cased party member.

As you take down the Hellbender, the dragon Aiatar will come to attack you. He will come in fast and your party would probably be still recovering from the Hellbender boss fight so your tank will need to pick up aggro of Aiatar as soon as possible so that he doesn’t take out your whole party.

When he’s down to about 50% HP, Aiatar will flee and leave behind a treasure chest which has some good loot.

Deep Jungle Coeurl
The last mini boss fight in this dungeon will be against the Deep Jungle Coeurl who is left to the area which leads in to the chamber of Aiatar. The fight is fairly straight forward other than one AOE attack that he has which you will need to dodge and the rest is pretty simple.

Loot the chest which he drops afterwards and proceed into the chamber of Aiatar.

The fight against Aiatar is pretty intense as he packs a whole lot of damage along with the fact that he regenerates HP really quickly courtesy of his poison pool. His main damage ability is an AOE ability which deals huge damage in a line and while the AOE isn’t that large, the cast time is very little so dodging this can be hard.

As mentioned earlier, Aiatar can cast Poison Pool and as long as he stands on the pool he will regenerate HP really quick so your tank will need to reposition him out of the pool so that you may deal some decent damage.

Around midway through the fight Aiatar begins to cast another ability which is the Poison Spit.

Basically, what he does is that he selects a party member at random except your Tank and spit acid at them which creates a poison field on the ground and also causes him to trigger a healing effect and regain HP, you and your party need to get out of the acid spit field as soon as possible and cleanse any poison you received.

Other than this there isn’t much that Aiatar has at his disposal; so you can take him out and complete this dungeon.

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