Fez PC Errors, Crashes, Freezes and Fixes

Fez is a classic puzzle platformer that dazzled many gamers and critics around the globe back in 2010. Now, the game has been released for the PC via Steam. The game worked great on XBLA but for PC, there has been some bugs and other minor issues.

The good news is that the programming team is working hard to address these issues. In the meanwhile, if you are looking for a workaround for your problem, you can refer to the following troubleshooting.

#1 Fez Black Screen Issue
If you are getting black screen at any resolution, you should try running the game in the windowed mode. The game has minor issues, for the time being, which shall be fixed in the upcoming patch.

#2 Fez – The Game Doesn’t Start
Try running the game as administrator. If that doesn’t help, do a quick reboot and launch the game again.

#3 Fez – The game Crashes on the Startup Loading Screen
You should lower your screen’s native resolution to 720. Launch the game and then set up your native resolution there. Exit the game and after changing the desktop resolution to normal, launch the game again. It should work fine now.

#4 Fez Stuttering Issue
If you are experiencing video stutter or poor performance, you video card drivers need an update. Look for the latest drivers and update them for smoother experience.


#5 Fez OpenAL Error
To fix this error, you need to install OpenAL on your system. Go to FEZ directory under steamapps, go into _CommonRedist and then into OpenAL and run the OpenAL installer there.

#6 Fez – Trouble with the Saved Games
If you are having issues with the saved games, i will recommend that you restart your PC. After the restart, start a new game if the old one doesn’t work.

#7 Fez – Fix for game Freeze for Intel Users
If you are using intel chipset and your game is getting froze continuously, you should change the settings as described in this link. Updating the drivers will also help you dodge different crashes.

#8 Fez – Crash in “Tetris block” secret Puzzle Room
The developer is aware of the problem and a fix is being sent out to address the issue. Keep your client updated to fix it.

#9 Fez – Start up error: OpenTK Native Window: FEZ.exe – Bad Image
If you are encountering this error, i will recommend that you uninstall your .net framework and do a fresh install from here.

#10 Fez – How to Change Resolution Without Being In-game
You can do it by using a text file. The file you are looking for can be found in C:\Users\[YourUser]\AppData\Roaming\FEZ\ directory. Open the settings file and you can change the resolution.

#11 Fez – Startup error: “unsupported feature”
If you have a dual graphics card on your machine, make sure that the game is using the dedicated memory and not the integrated memory. Updating your GFX drivers can also help in fixing the issue.

#12 Fez – The Game Crashes While Opening the Video Settings
The issue is resolution related. You can force the resolution to change through the settings file present in C:\Users\[YourUser]\AppData\Roaming\FEZ\ directory.

If you come across any other issue, let us know by commenting below!

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