How to Fast Travel in Red Dead Online

Our Red Dead Online Fast Traveling Guide will help you learn everything about unlocking the ability to fast travel anywhere in RDR 2 Online.

Thankfully, Rockstar Games were able to implement the Fast Travel system into Red Dead Online, although it is a bit steep.

The fast travel works pretty much the same as it does in the singleplayer campaign but a minor tweak in the aesthetics of the location instead of the prim and proper signs from the base game, you will find ram skulls on top of the post and a broken stagecoach wheel leaning against them.

Fast Travel in Red Dead Online

First order of business is to get yourself to a fast travel post – these are scattered across the map. The fast travel post will allow you to fast travel to different regions of the map and can even get you back to your camp for a small fee.

Money is, however, a valuable resource in the Wild West, so even if the travel costs you a small fee, abusing it might leave you with nothing in your coin bag.

Fast Travel posts are represented by a capital “F” on the map and can be found in:

Tumbleweed, Armadillo, MacFarlane’s Ranch, Manzanita Post, Blackwater, Strawberry, Valentine, Colter, Rhodes, Wapiti, Van Horn, Annesburg, Lagras, Saint Denis, and Emerald Station.

However, keep in mind if your horse is carrying any pelts or carcasses, they will disappear if you fast travel.

You can also fast travel from your own camp, but that will cost you dearly. In order to unlock fast travel from your own camp, you must first reach Level 65; this itself is a tough grind.

Furthermore, you will have to pay 112 gold which is a very hefty price. This recommended for those who are rolling in cash.

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