How To Get Wood In Farthest Frontier

Wood is one of many different types of resources that you are going to need to build your settlement in Farthest Frontier.

It would not be wrong to say that wood is the most important of all available resources. This is because you require wood for pretty much everything. You cannot build and upgrade structures without wood. You cannot light a fire or cook food to feed your people without wood either.

Hence, wood is a necessary resource that makes many of your daily activities possible. In the following guide, we will look into all the ways through which you can gather wood for your settlement in Farthest Frontier.

Harvest Trees For Wood

The first thing to do is to place your Town Centre near a dense forest with a large number of trees. This gives your villagers easy access to trees so that they can gather wood quicker.

After establishing your Town Centre, select a tree and click on the “Harvest Resource” option. This will order your villagers to start cutting down the tree for wood.

To save time, make sure to select multiple trees or a whole section of the forest for your villagers to collectively harvest. You can also use a shortcut key to harvest wood by pressing “H” on your keyboard.

If your villagers have multiple tasks on their hands such as gathering wood and stone, you can select the trees and click on the “Prioritize” option so that your villagers cut down the trees first before setting out to get stone.

Hire Log Workers To Gather Wood

Harvesting is the primary way of getting wood in Farthest Frontier. There is however another way as well.

Once your settlement advances, you will have the option of hiring Log Workers. Their job is to automatically head out and bring wood to your Town Centre. You do not have to select any trees or give any orders. The Log Workers will do the job for you.

Setting up Log Workers is also important because you are likely going to cut down all the nearby trees at the start of the game. Manually setting out to find more trees is going to take time. You can spend that time on your other chores while your Log Workers give you a steady supply of wood.

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