Farthest Frontier Diseases and How to Prevent Them

Farthest Frontier’s success depends on keeping your people healthy. Keeping villages healthy is your job, so prevent diseases from spreading.  This Farthest Frontier’s disease prevention guide has all the info you need.

How to Prevent Diseases in Farthest Frontier

Injuries and unsanitary conditions can cause disease in Farthest Frontier. A lot of problems can be prevented by providing clean water and soap. No matter how hard you try, Villagers will get sick eventually. There are many illnesses that can be cured afterward at a Healer’s House. Building an apothecary shop will help your patients.

Diseases can be prevented very easily in Farthest Frontier if you take the right measures. You need to make sure there’s enough water for everyone. It’s time to build a compost yard and make sure it’s collecting waste on time if you’ve run out of wells.

Make sure your Villagers have shoes from a Cobbler if you don’t have one. If you don’t, build another one. Replace worn-out shoes with extras whenever you need them. If you’re going to store grains, build a Rat Catcher. Avoid melee combat with animals. Make sure you’ve got enough firewood.

Below is the list of the majority of diseases in Farthest Frontier with their preventive measures as well.

Cholera: Your Villagers need enough wells, and the Compost Yards should be collecting waste on time.


Dehydration: Make sure your villagers have enough wells.

Dysentery: Your Villagers must have access to enough wells.

Exposure: Your Villagers must have access to enough wells.

Festering Wound: If possible, stay out of the open when fighting Raiders or enemies.

Food Poisoning: Firewood should be available for your villagers.

Foot Wound: Make enough shoes for everyone by building a Cobbler.

Fractured Bone: In a Healer’s House, you can treat fractured bones

Influenza:  There’s no way to prevent influenza from spreading. The chances of an afflicted Villager recovering and surviving are better if there are herbs on hand and a Healing House built

Rabies: Avoid getting bitten by animals.

Scurvy: You’ll need to make sure your villager’s are getting enough fruit and berries.

Tetanus: Building a healer’s house before the wound gets worse is the best thing to do.

Typhoid: Keep the Compost Yard clean, use Rat Catchers, and make sure everyone gets soap.

Worms: Your village will need soap, rat catchers, and shoes for everyone.

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