Farthest Frontier Difficulty Settings Explained

Farthest Frontier is the latest town-building strategic game with a tonne of content to enjoy, but the best part is...

Farthest Frontier is the latest town-building strategic game with a tonne of content to enjoy, but the best part is that it gives players complete control over the difficulty setting to gain the desired experience. You will, however, miss out on the fun if you are unaware of the settings. So, this guide will explain everything you need to know about Farthest Frontier Difficulty Settings.

Farthest Frontier Difficulty Settings Explained

In Farthest Frontier, the Game Difficulty controls the hardships you’ll face while laying the groundwork for your new town. Life will be difficult, and you will have to fight numerous hostile forces in order to save the villagers. When survival is already difficult in the game, you can make it a touch more challenging.

The game provides several difficulty levels and gives you complete control over the starting conditions, the intensity of raider attacks, and the ravages of disease.

Generally, the game has three levels of difficulties.

  • Pioneer
  • Trailblazer
  • Vanquisher

As you progress through the game, the difficulty level increases. At the beginning of the game, the difficulty is set to Pioneer but as you progress, it transitions slowly to Vanquisher. Read on to find out about each of the difficulty levels.

Pioneer difficulty

The Pioneer mode won’t cause you much trouble, in fact, it’s the easiest level to play on. The Pioneer mode features an abundance of Resources to start off and not only that, there are lots of Wildlife for Hunting as well.


In the Pioneer difficulty, you’ll have plenty of deer to hunt however, there won’t be any wolves or other fierce creatures. Also, this difficulty level lacks any Healthcare issues and Hostile Force as well.

This means that there won’t be any diseases or bandits in this difficulty level so you’ll easily manage your way.

Trailblazer Difficulty

Trailblazer difficulty is a step up from the Pioneer difficulty. To start off, on this level of difficulty, there’ll be fewer initial resources and scare wildlife for hunting. Therefore, you’ll struggle to obtain food, equipment tools, and materials required to build structures.

In Trailblazer mode, getting deer becomes less frequent, and there is an abundance of other wild animals which majorly include bears, wolves and boars. These will also pose a threat to the villagers.

This level also includes the bandits and Healthcare diseases indicating that raiders will often attack the residents and they’ll also be vulnerable to sickness as well.

Vanquisher Difficulty

The toughest level that the game puts a player through is the Vanquisher mode. To start off, this level begins will problems like there won’t be any animals to hunt. Also, you’ll almost certainly run out of Resources as well from the get-go.

On the other hand, you’ll be more prone to ferocious animal attacks. Not only that, your settlement will be frequently raided by some well-equipped bandits as well. The spread of diseases among the settlement will also increase.

Advanced Settings

The game also features Advanced Difficulty Settings. In Farthest Frontier, should you desire to cater the game difficulty to the utmost detail, advanced options are the way to go.

Once you’ve established a basic difficulty level, you can spice things up with advanced settings to further customize your experience. It allows you to choose the game difficulty per setting.

So, if you want the toughest raiders but don’t want to deal with diseases, you have options. However, you can still toggle Pacifist Mode, which disables raiders completely, just like you can with the basic difficulty settings.

How to Change the Difficulty Level

At the start of Farthest Frontier, you have the option of selecting the Difficulty level. Because it will influence the game dynamics, choose carefully.

Keep in mind that if you change your mind and want to switch the difficulty settings after starting the game, you will be unable to do so. If you want to change the difficulty settings, you’ll have to start a new game.

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