How to Build Base in Farthest Frontier

Farthest Frontier challenges its player base to build a successful city out in the wilderness, starting from nothing and going towards a civilization that even modern society hasn’t quite reached yet. All this while you continually face harsh weather, pestilence, and a scarcity of resources to expand.

To counter all these dangers, a strong start is a must, and to start you have to first build a base. Building one is essential so without further ado here is how to build a base in Farthest Frontier.

Building a base in farthest frontier

A base is one of the first few things you need to build at the start of the game. Your first time launching Farthest Frontier will have you taken out to the wilderness where the villagers have chosen to build their town. All you have to do now is to choose an ideal spot to begin your journey ahead. This spot will be specified by placing the base.

The base will come with a placement review and a grid. You can move the base to wherever you want on the entire map to find your preferred location or scenery.

Make sure to pay attention to the environment though, for instance having your base set up near a pond or any sort of water source along with a source for food such as berries, fish and the like is highly beneficial.

You have to be wary of other factors such as the wild animals and weather around that area. Another thing to keep in mind would be that you can’t place your base anywhere on the map, which is indicated by the grid around the base turning red from green.


You can however set it anywhere the grid appears green. Once you have found a location of your liking simply left-click and you will be greeted with a confirmation alert. Click ‘Yes’ to finally start your long-awaited journey in Farthest Frontier.

That about sums up building your base. Once it’s down you can use the harvest menu to send the villagers of your town out on a journey to collect wood and other resources to continually build and expand your base.

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