How To Kill Bears In Farthest Frontier

Building a settlement in the wilderness has its caveats. If your villagers are not being killed by wild wolves, they are going to be facing wild bears unless you follow procedures to keep them safe.

Unlike wolves, bears can cause a lot of damage, especially if they manage to get inside your village. A single bear can kill multiple villagers with ease.

Something else to note is that bears can attack fairly early in the game, meaning that you need to be prepared to deal with the threat even when your settlement has only started growing.

The following guide will show you all the ways through which to deal with bears in Farthest Frontier.

How to get rid of bears in the early game

The first thing to understand is that ordering a villager to just charge a bear is going to end up with the villager’s death. What you need is a whole group of villagers to start hacking the bear to death.

When a bear attacks during the early game, you will neither have any fortifications nor hunters. Your only option is to raise the alarm at the Town Center. This will rally all of the nearby villagers to attack the bear with their farming and gathering tools. You will probably lose a few villagers but not enough to stop your settlement’s progress.


Your best bet to kill a bear without incurring any major loss is to have at least 20 villagers against a single bear. Remember that a group of four or five villagers is never going to do enough damage.

How to protect your town from bears

The best defense is the best offense. Having fences around your settlement will stop bears from raiding your village. Having Lookout Towers with archers will furthermore drive bears away or better yet, kill them if they are being persistent.

These are, however, not permanent solutions. Driving bears away means that they are still lurking around to jump at your workers who are gathering resources outside of the archer’s range.

Thankfully, bears are not as common as wolves. When you do spot a bear in your area, it is highly recommended to rally all villagers or soldiers to kill the animal as soon as possible.

Common mistake players do is to ignore any bear threat since their Lookout Towers are driving the creature away. Such players never realize how many workers of their have died to the bear until it is too late.

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