How to Fix Farming Simulator 17 Errors, Crashes, Money Bug, Black Screen, Controller and Related Issues

Simulators mostly have some sort of fan following and that’s the reason we have so many simulators available today. The popularity of the genre even made The Goat Simulator a great success. Continuing the tradition, Giant Software has released Farming Simulator 17. If you are new to the series, you might be surprised a bit to know that it’s the 8th game in the series so yes, if you like the latest iteration, you also might want to visit the old ones.

Performance wise, Farming Simulator is looking good overall. However, there are small issues being faced by the users. These issues aren’t necessarily games fault can usually have a fix or a workaround. So we have shortlisted the common problems being face by the players along with their possible fixes and workarounds.

Farming Simulator 17 Errors, Crashes, Bugs and Fixes

#1 Farming Simulator 17 General Troubleshooting
If you are unsure what is the cause of the problem you are facing, the general troubleshooting steps usually are helpful in resolving the issue. In case of Farming Simulator 17, you could try the following:

  • Make Sure that your drivers are up to date.
  • If you are facing random crashes, try verifying the integrity of your game files.
  • If the game doesn’t start, you should try running the game with admin privileges.
  • If you are experiencing any .dll error, it’s recommended that you install all the executables found in the redist folder. If you can’t find it, you should install latest version directx. Make sure to
  • restart your PC after directx installation.

#2 Farming Simulator 17 Money Bug
If your money is not showing up on a server, as a workaround for now, you should logout and log back in. This seems to have helped many players and might well work for you. Some Users have also reported that if you pay or get a loan, this will also make your money show up.

#3 Farming Simulator 17 Crashes – Giants engine 7.0 Has Stopped Working
If you are getting this message on the crash, you should try verifying your game files. If it downloads some files, your files were missing or corrupted. In any case, the issue will be resolved by the integrity check.

#4 Farming Simulator 17 – Black Screen on Exit
If you are experiencing black screen on exit and you are using windowed mode, you should try exiting the game when you are in full screen mode. This might fix your problem.

#5 Farming Simulator Doesn’t Boot Up After the Install
Restart your PC and then try launching the game. The trick works for many games and seems to be working fix for some users in case of Farming Simulator 17.

#6 Farming Simulator – CRC64 Files Check Failed
If you are getting this crash around the map, you can try out this fix as the problem was also reported in a couple of previous iterations of Farming Simulator.

#7 Farming Simulator 17 – Error: Running LUA Method ‘init’
If you are getting this error, you should make sure that there is no invalid character in your server name.

#8 Farming Simulator 17 Controller Support Issue
Some users have reported that restarting their PC made their controllers working again. So if your controller is not working just after the installation, you should try a quit restart.

If you are facing any other issues, let us know in the comments below.

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