How to Farm Warframe Mesa Prime – Relic Locations, How to Farm

In our Warframe Mesa Prime Farming Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about farming Mesa Prime in the game.

In this Warframe Guide, we will focus on how to farm for Mesa Prime.

One of the coolest frames in the game, Mesa, finally has a Primed variant i.e. Mesa Prime. Mesa Prime features a higher Armor Rating of 85, higher Energy: 188, AND two extra Polarities. Madurai and Vazaryn. Pretty neat, righto?

Yes, Mesa simple variant had a very major flaw, in my opinion at least! The energy. Mesa Prime seems to have 1.253333 times the enery as stock Mesa.

Warframe Mesa Prime Farming

As with all Primed variants, you can buy either The Primed Vault or farm for its parts through relics. Here is how to farm for Mesa Prime relics:

Axi H4– Mesa Prime Chassis (Uncommon)

In order to farm for Axi H4, I would recommend Hierarcon on Pluto. It is the fastest way to farm for Axi relics because you can run 2 rounds of Excavation in 3 minutes 20 seconds under ideal conditions . Axi H4 drops in ‘A’ rotation.

It also has a large amount of Nano Spores because of all the infestation. Additionally, you’ll also get a lot of Cryotics. Cryotics is required to make a lot of weapons and Warframes and can only be obtained from these events. Best frame for this would either be Limbo with max duration/low range OR Frost with Chilling Glove augment mod.


Lith M3 – Mesa Prime Neuroptics (Rare)

In order to farm for Lith M3, I would recommend Hepit in the Void. It is the fastest farm for Lith relics because you can run a Capture mission in under a minute with a Gotta-go-fest Volt and an average DPS weapon. The enemies here are like 15 level max. No problem.

Using a void is definitely recommended because of the high movement speed. Additionally, Nezha and Saryn with her second ability spam or even Nova with her teleportation will work their magic.There is a 16.67% chance that you’ll drop a Lith M3 relic, so its worth a try. You could get a relic every 6 to 7 mins or so.

Neo Z2 – Mesa Prime Blueprint (Common)

In order to farm for Neo Z2, I would recommend Hydron on Sedna. It is the fastest way to farm for Neo relics because Neo relics drop every 5 rounds for ‘A’ rotation. Using Volt or any other good AoE frame is the fastest way.

Hydron is also the best area to level up your Warframe and weapons. My tip is to bring a Level 30 Warframe alongside the weapons that you wish to level up.

Neo M2– Chroma Prime Systems (Uncommon)

Neo M2 can be obtained very similar to Chroma Prime: Hydron Sedna. Another location for Neo farming is Ukko, in the Void. Its a 30 – 35 level Capture mission, so moving through that area’s going to be a lot of fun.
Oh, and Void drops Argon Crystals too, if you’re keen on farming them. Plus, you might get to meet *spoilers alert* Vorr again.

And that is it, my Tenno friends! You finally know how to farm for Chroma Prime. He is super shiny, right? He will be a great addition to your 56 frames Arsenal, too!

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