Far Cry Primal Village Missions Guide

Complete walkthrough of Far Cry Primal Village missions to help you complete all village quests in the game for achievement or trophy. 

Village Missions become available after you build Karoosh’s, Wogah’s, and Jayma’s huts in the game. You can use the mini-map to locate the Village Mission and earn XP for completing them.

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Far Cry Primal Village Missions

Far Cry Primal Village Missions guide will provide an overview of all the available Village Missions in the game and how to complete each one of them:

The Rotten River
Reward: 500 XP
After accepting the mission, head down to the river and examine the area using the Hunter Vision. Continue along the south side, then to the east, and then along the shore on the far south side.

Examine another fishnet ahead and head inside a cave on the east side near three fallses. Once inside the cave, deal with a couple of wolves, remove the corpses from the water, and head back to complete the mission.

Spirit Totem
Reward: 500 XP
Accept the mission from Manoo and head west in order to find the altar on a high cliff. The spirit totem that you need to place on the altar is inside an opening near the south side; surrounded by a brown bear and some Udam Warriors.

Head inside the opening to find the spirit totem on a dead Wenja and place it on the altar to complete the mission. You will also run into a couple of Jaguars and some enemies.

Moon Heart
Reward: 500 XP
You need to head northeast of the Nakuti Bonfire in order to accept the mission and head inside the cave on the north side of Mansi Rest. Once inside, you will face a couple of Wolves and a Brown Bear.

After dealing with the beasts, you will come across eight different areas from where you would be able to gather the desired mushrooms, but you only need five – collect them and leave the area to conclude the mission.

Sick Beasts
Reward: 750 XP
You need to speak with Manoo in the middle of the village and head east to accept the mission. Once there, use the Hunter Vision to track the trail of a sick Brown Bear along the stream and inside a cave on the north side.

Eliminate the Udam at the entrance followed by burning the berries before dealing with a Jaguar near the exit. From there, head east and burn all six bushes in order to conclude the mission.

Blood and Honey
Reward: 500 XP
After speaking with Manoo and accepting the mission, use the Hunter Vision and follow the trail leading to an Udam camp on the west side. Deal with the alarm and the Udam Elite Slinger before heading in open.

Once the area has been cleared of all threats, head inside the northeast cave to get the Wenja out. You need to keep him alive at all costs – a strong beast companion can be valuable asset in this mission.

Missing Hunters
Reward: 500 XP
After accepting the mission from the hunters’ camp, use the Hunter Vision to follow the blood trail leading to southeast area where you will come across a corpse.

From there, continue down the hill and you will come across a Wenja in hiding and about five Izlia enemies. Deal with all of them by starting with the Izlia Elite Chieftain and speak with Wenja before finding the second hunter.

Now head to the other trail, eliminate the Leopard using any means you see fit and complete the mission.

Song of the Spirits
Reward: 500 XP
You need to speak with Manoo and head to the northeast of the village at nighttime in order to start the mission. Do note that you must at least protect two Wenja to successfully complete the mission.

Call upon your companion to render the mission a tad easier and follow the Wenja from the Prashrawa’s Birth. The route includes Stone of the Lost, then east side of the Stone of the Lost, nearby stream, and Wakwas River Stone.

You need to keep a close eye on the mini-map and deal with all the threats before a couple of Wenja die. If you successfully save 2 Wenja at the end of the mission, you will complete it successfully.

Beyond the Stones
Reward: 500 XP
Speak with Manoo and head to the southwest side of Pardal’s Perch to accept the mission. Use the Hunter Vision in order to follow the trail leading to the southwest side. Eliminate Izlia in the area and prepare for a big fight.

Speak with the Wenja to start the fight and make sure that your faithful beast is alongside you! Closely watch the mini-map and deal with waves of Izlia coming in from the south side to complete the mission – do not let the Wenja die.

Spirit Gifts
Reward: 500 XP
After accepting the mission, head to Stones of the Lost, sit on the area above the stream, and wait for robbers to arrive at the scene. After the deed, use the Hunter Vision to follow their tracks leading to the southeast side.

After reaching the camp at Torn Flesh Retreat, scout the area and try to eliminate as many Udam soldiers as possible! With Udam out of the way, re-acquire The Drum, Pot, and Necklace and place them at marked locations to conclude.

Biter in the Deep
Reward: 1,000 XP
After accepting the mission, you need to head over to Depaskaya Tooth Cave and use the Grappling Hook to head deep inside.

Once at the solid ground, you will be greeted by a couple of Brown Bears which you will need to dispose off immediately. Head to the far side of the ledge, skin the rare fish, and emerge out of the cave to conclude the mission.

Lost in Ice
Reward: 500 XP
You need to head to the west side of Udam Homeland followed by using the Hunter Vision in order to find a woman sitting by the fire. To complete the mission, you need to save all four Wenja.

The first Wenja is near a group of Udam near south, the second Wenja and the third Wenja are close to each other surrounded by several enemies, and the fourth Wenja is on the west side with a Cave Lion nearby. You need to protect all and leave the area to conclude the mission.

Rings of Fire
Reward: 500 XP
Before starting the mission, if possible, try to acquire the Great Scar Bear and the Ultimate Boost Healing Recipe to fend off Izlia soldiers. Once prepared; head to Naymin of Spirits to start the mission.

You need to ignore the weaker Izlia and focus on the Elite Chieftains who are the biggest threat to the rings. As long as you are capable of protecting at least one ring, you will pass the mission.

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