Far Cry Primal Help Wenja Beast Kill Quests Guide

In Far Cry Primal, you can help your fellow Wenja by hunting down the beasts that have been causing them trouble.

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Far Cry Primal Help Wenja Beast Kill Quests

To start a Help Wenja Beast Kill quest, you need to speak with a Wenja tribesman followed by heading to a marker on the mini-map which starts the mission.

Therefore, it is a good idea to speak with any Wenja that you come across and complete the mission at a later time. This guide details a brief walkthrough of completing all Help Wenja Beast Kill quests in the game:

After starting the mission, find a couple of the beasts bear the water. Scoring headshots with your bow and arrows will dispose them off in no time.

From there, head to the east side of the camp and dispose them off from a distance. Next up, you need to head to the opposite side of the camp and use bait to lure the 3 Dholes one at a time.

With the 3 beasts out of the way, eliminate a couple of them at the top of the hill to the southwest side of the cave entrance in order to complete the mission.

Wild Boars
After activating the mission, use the Hunter Vision and stay hidden to spot about four Boars in the area. Score a headshot with your bow and arrows on the first Boar and try to score some hits on the other three.

Use the Hunter Vision to follow the other Boars that are most likely to head towards the beach. Once again, you need to stay hidden until you can get a clear shot on the animals.

There are good chances that a Bear will join the fray, but you need to focus on eliminating the remaining Boars and completing the mission.

After accepting the mission, a couple of Jaguars will attack as soon as you bump into the friendly hunter. Help the hunter, use the Hunter Vision to locate the beasts, and dispose them off once they are not moving anymore.

Once done, use the Hunter Vision to eliminate the Jaguar on a rock to the north side; just behind a tree. After dealing with the lone Jaguar, head inside the cave, set the bushes on fire, and eliminate three beasts to conclude the mission.

Since this mission is extremely hard to complete on foot, I highly recommend riding a Mammoth from the west side and crushing all the Wolves in the area to complete the mission.

Cave Lions and Cave Lions #2
After accepting the mission, you need to head to the south side of the rock and headshot one of the two Cave Lions in the area – an upgraded spear and a headshot should dispose one off at once.

Follow the other one and dispose it off in the same fashion. From there, head north of the pond and tame/eliminate the Rare Black Lion followed by eliminating another one across the water.

From there, head to the cave and throw some bait to lure one of the two Cave Lions out. Deal with it and with the one still inside the cave to complete the mission.

Accept the mission and head over to the south side of the area to protect a hunter from attacking Badgers. From there, head south towards a cave in the camp and use the hunter or bait to lure some beasts out.

After dealing with the beasts inside the cave, continue ahead to come across another Badger inside the hut on the east side and a two behind the western fenced area.

From there, deal with two more Badgers just before the cave – a headshot from an upgraded bow should make short work of them. Head towards the cave and deal with one on the right side of the cave entrance and throw some bait to lure out Badger inside the cave one by one and complete the mission.

Since these beasts are extremely agile and can quickly close in the distance, it is highly recommended that you tame a Bear first and bring it alongside you.

Leopard attacks are very fast and can cause your spear-shots to miss. Moreover, the beasts can pounce upon you in large number which is why you should consider having a lit club to scare them off.

Once you have dispersed them, try to line a headshot with you upgraded spear and eliminate all of them as soon as possible to complete the mission.

Similar to Wolves, it is extremely hard to deal with a large number of Bears at the same time. Therefore, you need to complete this mission after you have learnt how to ride a Mammoth.

Once you have learnt how to ride a Mammoth, you need to bring it in from the west side and crush all the Bears and Cave Bears in the area with relative ease. Do note that you can also toss in a couple of spears from the top of Mammoth to weaken the beasts as you continue crushing them.

Woolly Rhino
For the last Help Wenja Beast Kill quest in Far Cry Primal, you need to take advantage of non-aggressive nature of Woolly Rhino. Do not let them spot and do not let them attack in group at any cost!

You need to start your assault by scoring a headshot from an upgraded spear which will cause a Woolly Rhino to flee. You can render its attempts useless by using your own beast, but be prepared to revive it as it will take tons of damage.

In addition to this, you need to deal with the normal Woolly Rhinos first and leave the horned ones for the last. There are good chances that the horned ones will escape and attack again in with another one.

Handy Tips

You can use these handy tips to make these missions relatively easier:

  • Use Scent Camouflage
  • Always Single Out Beasts Using Bait
  • Bring Your Own Beast to Prevent Escapes and Take Damage
  • Use Skills Such as Sprint Forever, Mammoth Rider, Animal Wounds, Tag Animals, and Taming
  • Always Hunt During Daytime

Lastly, make sure to share your own tips and strategies with us in the comments section below!

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