Far Cry Primal Gameplay Footage Shows How To Tame Wolves in the Game

Far Cry Primal takes the action back to the Stone Age and makes you one with nature. Using animals as your hunting aids they act as your eyes and sometimes as weapons to help you in your journey.

We’ve already seen videos that give us an idea of how the story will work in the game, but now we have some gameplay footage. PC Gamer played the game and as you see in the video above, not only do we see how we make use of the owls in the game, but also how wolves are tamed.

Interestingly while there was potential to make Far Cry Primal more about using nature for survival it does seem to follow the same old reliable Far Cry rules. While most of us will like this, there may be some that want something more original from the Ubisoft game.

The mechanics in use with the wolf, and probably some of the other animals in the game follow the ones that we saw in Far Cry 4 with the tiger during the Shangri-La missions where we instruct the animal where to go and who to attack. Some new additions seem to feature the ability to heal the animal and to also pet them.

The owl is different, as it provides an eye in the sky view of your enemies giving you the chance to scope out their location instead of having to simply guess the right way to go. This should make things a little more interesting, and also give you the ability to stay out of trouble.

What are your thoughts on the way animals are used in Far Cry Primal? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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