Far Cry Primal Cutscene Introduces Takkar Sayla to the Game

Today we have some more footage from Far Cry Primal, this time a cutscene introducing one of the many characters in the game. It also looks to feature how we eat, and heal in the game.

In the video which you can see above, our character discovers Takkar Sayla, who we save from an attack from a sabre-toothed cat. After being saved, she then gives us a little history of the Wenja tribe as well as help us in healing her wounds.

In the trailer we hear some of the language that the stone age people talk, which is a mixture of actual historical language and an adaption to add new words that didn’t exist at the time. This helps to create the atmosphere and setting for the player.

In the game you play the hero who is trying to bring the Wenja tribe back together. The main dangers will be the Udam tribe who are flesh-eating warriors led by the ruthless Ull. There will also be the Izila tribe who are flesh-worshiping slavers led by the high priestess Batari. You, as Takkar will obviously need all the friends you can get.

As we can see, one of these friends and part of your tribe is Takkar Sayla, who appears to be a healer and predicts the future. No doubt we’ll be learning a lot of story details from this character, as well as being taught how to survive in the land of Oros.

Are you looking forward to Far Cry Primal? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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