Far Cry Primal Bonfires Locations Guide – How to Clear, Tips

Far Cry Primal Bonfires are important as they are a part of camps that can be occupied by Takkar. Each Far Cry Primal bonfire is usually occupied by multiple enemies.

In order to light the bonfire and claim the camp for your own tribe, you’ll need to take out the enemies. Lighting bonfires has several benefits – it will grant you plenty of XP, a spawn point, a stash, and also a Fast Travel Point.

In addition to this, lighting bonfires will also grant you population. For normal difficulty, each bonfire yields 3 villagers.

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Far Cry Primal Bonfires Locations

Far Cry Primal Bonfires locations guide will help you clear out all the bonfires locations in the game, starting from the easiest and going up to the hardest bonfires in Far Cry Primal.

Nakuti Bonfire
This is the first bonfire, and serves as an introduction. There are no enemies, and you get 3 Villagers as a reward.

It’s found at a high point northeast of the village while you are on your way for the first encounter with Tensay the Shaman. Light the bonfire and it’s yours without any resistance.

Roaring Falls Bonfire
This bonfire is owned by the Udam tribe. It will yield 3 Villagers. At the start, it has 3 enemies, with a reinforcement of 2 also possible.

A good way to clean the area is to go from the north of the bonfire and use the grappling point, which will land you near the Elite Slinger.

Take him out, then go for the spearman near the water before the other one, then follow the path past the tents to take down the final spearman.

Stone Watch Bonfire
This bonfire is owned by the Udam tribe and yields 3 Villagers. It is guarded by 2 warriors and a single spearman. The bonfire is pretty easy to deal with considering it has no slinger to call for backups, so it’s okay even if you get noticed.

The enemies are grouped near the bonfire. You can opt to through a rock to lure them, then light the bonfire to cause confusion. They will then spread out, allowing you to take them out easily.

Gwarashnar Bonfire
This Udam bonfire is located in the middle of the woods. It has three initial enemies at first, and the slinger can call in three additional enemies (including 2 Archers) if you’re spotted.

Head to the north of the bonfire and climb up the two ledges. Use the vines to get up to the bonfire. The slinger will be to the right while the Elite Spearman and Elite Scourge are up ahead near a campfire.

Toss a rock towards the Elite Slinger to lure him to an exposed area, then use your bow to take him out. The other two can then be taken out as you wish. Call your beasts in to kill them off, or toss a makeshift grenade to deal with them.

Be careful of the Scourge’s poison though.

Night Watch Bonfire
This Izila tribe bonfire has three enemies, with the Elite slinger calling in additional reinforcements if you’re spotted.

To clean up the area stealthily, head to the east of the bonfire to find a grappling point. Here, take a shot at the Elite Slinger with your bow to knock his mask off, then quickly follow up with another shot to kill him.

If you managed to stay hidden, stealthily head up and take out the spearman in the north side of the camp. Now it’s time for the Chieftain. He’s pretty tough, so stay mobile and use hit-and-run techniques to take him out.

Stone Galu Bonfire
The Stone Galu Bonfire is occupied by the Izila tribe, and has four enemies guarding it. There are three routes that lead to the bonfire; there’s a grapple point on the north and south parts of the area, as well as a land route from the west.

Use the southern grappling point and use the bow to take out the first enemy to the east. The slinger is located on the high ground to the right side, so make sure you’re not spotted by him.

Stick to the edge of the cliff and move to the right, then climb up a small area. Stay crouched and move up to a good position to take out the slinger.

The remaining two spearmen shouldn’t be too difficult to take out, and with the slinger gone, there’s no chance of reinforcements.

Yagi Arrow Bonfire
This Udam bonfire is pretty easy. Head to the vines south of the bonfire and climb up along them. Crouch and remain hidden in the bushes, then stealthily take out the Elite Slinger here.

Once he’s down, it should be easy pickings for you, as the only two enemies remaining are an Archer and a Spearman. Use your bow to take them out quickly after scanning the area with your owl. Light the bonfire and claim the point for your Wenja tribe.

Burning Spear Bonfire
This Izila bonfire has all four elite enemies, and can be a bit challenging as the three potential reinforcement enemies are also all elite. You should enter the camp from the northern path.

Stay hidden in the bushes to the north of the camp while slowly making your way towards the bonfire. Scan the area with your owl to get the location of all the enemies here.

The Elite Archer is mostly on a vantage point. Use a rock to distract him, then sneak forward. First you need to take out the Elite Slinger before going for the distracted archer.

Use a beast to take out the Elite Slinger, who will usually be near the bushes. While the beast attacks the slinger, take out the archer in the camp. The two remaining enemies are down the southern path.

Try to take out the Elite Warrior from range, then take out the Spearman last.

High Cliff Bonfire
This Izila tribe bonfire has four elite enemies. To clear the bonfire camp, climb the vines that go up to the platform east of the camp. You’ll be underneath the Elite Slinger this way.

Use a rock to distract the slinger to get him close enough for a takedown. Once you’ve done so, try and maintain your cover and use your bow to take out the two spearman.

The Elite Chieftain will be left. Start a one-on-one fight melee fight with him, or use ranged weapons from a distance. Be cautious of staying within the bonfire camp area, as there’s a small camp west of the bonfire that is also occupied by Izila tribesmen.

You don’t want to attract additional unnecessary attention.

Hold Rock Bonfire
This Izila bonfire has 5 elite enemies and one caged animal. The Elite Slinger can call in four additional tribesmen as reinforcement.

Although the number of enemies in this camp are quite a bit, they are spread out across the map. This allows you to perform a takedown on every one of them provided you can remain hidden.

Use your owl to scout the location of your enemies. Head to the south side and take the vines up east of the path that takes you directly to the bonfire.

Sneak up on the Elite Slinger and perform a takedown. Next, head to the campfire on the left and take out the spearman here. Stay hidden and head to the north side of the bonfire.

Perform a takedown on the second spearman. The remaining two elite archers patrol the path within the camp.

Use your bow to free the caged animal when an Archer is close to it. With one archer distracted by the wolf, you can sneak up to the other one to take him down. Immediately after that, take out your bow and aim for the incoming wolf.

Take it out before it reaches you to secure the area.

Shaha Bush Bonfire
This Udam bonfire also has 5 enemies and a caged animal. There are two Elite Chieftains here though, s you’ll have to plan your strategy carefully.

Head for the grappling point to the south of the bonfire and get up to the path. Stay to the left of the path leading to the bonfire, and head for the high ground on the large rock.

Stay concealed in the bushes on top of the rock and patiently wait for the Elite Slinger to come near you. Take him out.

If you have the Heavy Takedown skill, you’ll be able to easily deal with the Chieftains as well. However, do so after you kill the Elite Spearman and Elite Archer.

Use rocks to separate the two chieftains, then go for the one who is the most isolated. Take him out, then finally go for the last one.

Stone Beak Bonfire
The Udam bonfire has four enemies, and the slinger can call in 3 Archers if you’re spotted.

When you are near the area, search for a grapple point that leads to a large protruding cliff from the mountain. This will take you up to the bonfire and right on top of the Elite Slinger.

Take him out, then head for the Elite Spearman and Elite Chieftain near the tents and bonfire. Stay hidden and stealthily take out the spearmen first. Finally, take care of the Elite Chieftain while remaining unspotted for an easy kill.

Sun Daughter Bonfire
The bonfire has a caged animal and four enemies. Use the grappling point to the south of the bonfire. Climb from the point and you should have a clear shot at the caged animal.

Use your bow to open the cage to free the Cave Lion. The lion will begin to attack nearby enemies. At this time, spot the slinger and take him out as quickly as possible. Use arrows from behind the bonfire took take out the rest of the enemies.

Hisu Sister’s Bonfire
This Izila bonfire is quite tough. It has five enemies, including 2 Elite Slingers.

Position yourself near the grappling point west of the camp. Call in your owl to scout the area, then use a beast on the Elite Slinger farthest from the grappling point.

Quickly climb up the point and take down the second Elite Slinger here. This will make everything much easier for you now.

The enemies will probably be focusing on your beast. Quickly help revive him and use everything in your power to defeat the remaining enemies.

Saja’s Hill Bonfire
The final bonfire also comprises of 2 Elite Slingers, making it a tad challenging.

However, it’s not as difficult as Hisu Sister’s Bonfire. Scout the area for the location of the enemies, then head to the southeast side and located the grappling point. Grapple up, then climb the vines to get to the encampment.

You’ll be behind a rock. Locate the first slinger on your left. There’s also an Elite Chieftan nearby. Stealthily move in and take out the Elite Slinger, then retreat to the rock.

Sneak to the other side of the camp and take down the second slinger, preferably with your beast.

Quickly call the beast back without raising an alarm. The spearman here might witness the attack, so ready your bow and aim at him to take him out before he can attempt to attack your beast.

Eliminate the remaining spearman to leave the isolated Elite Chieftain. At this stage of the game it shouldn’t be difficult to take him out, especially if you are still concealed.

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