Far Cry Primal Beast Master Hunts Guide – Locations, Taming Tips, How to Tame

Beast Master Hunts in Far Cry Primal are missions that require you to kill or tame rare beasts in Oros.

Far Cry Primal Beast Master Hunts

Before setting out on these missions, ensure that you have Hardwood which is required to craft traps. Moreover, upgraded spears really help during these quests. This guide details an overview of all the Beast Master Hunts in Far Cry Primal.

Bloodfang Sabretooth
You find this beast on the top of the Waterfall near Takkar’s Cave.

You need to head inside the cave and drop down a couple of ledges along the right-hand-side wall. Use the grappling hook to drop down until you reach the area near some water.

From the area, use the vines to climb up and watch a small cut-scene. Use your Hunter Senses to view the blood trail and find a clue. Continue to follow the blood trail and find a broken Udam Mask a little ahead!

Go down the hill while following the tracks on the south side and you will eventually come across a dead Udam. From there, continue ahead, eliminate a couple of Udam and observe the blood on the floor.

After you get two locations; head towards the western edge and examine the tree with Sabretooth claws on it. A little ahead, you will see another clue. At this point, you need to set up traps and prepare for the upcoming battle.

Do note that if you arrive at nighttime, you will not have time to set-up traps and the fight will begin right away. After the fight begins, lure the beast into traps and score as many headshots as you possibly can.

As soon as you see a trap stun the beast, score as much headshots as possible and also use the Two-Handed Club in order to stun the beast again.

At about 50% HP, the beast will run inside the cave, but you will be able to dish out some damage from both your weapons and beast companions.

Bloodtusk Mammoth
This beast is usually found in cold climate; therefore, it is a good idea to have upgraded cold gear and Animal Fat at your disposal. After a dialogue with a Wenja hunter, find a piece of meat and Mammoth skin near some spikes.

From there, you need to head north using the grapple points nearby and reach the next clue – a man under Mammoth’s foot. After it, you will get 3 different positions to fight the battle and you can use any of those.

After the battle starts, you need to lure the beast into your traps while constantly eliminating smaller beasts. After receiving some damage, the beast will retreat to one of other available positions and you will be able to dish out damage.

Continue to follow clues along the way and keep trail of the beast!

After the beast enters the Glacier Valley, shoot the icicles down to deal some serious damage to the beast. However, when you head towards the Mammoth Graveyard, you need to ensure to eliminate Udam nearby.

Once you have successfully down the beast, you need to interact with it to eliminate it and acquire the Bloodtusk Mammoth Skull.

Great Scar Bear
After reaching the location, you need to swim through a tunnel and examine a cave painting. After exiting the cave, head north and continue to face the follow the footsteps using your Hunter Vision and examine the campfire.

From there, you need to use the Hunter Vision and follow the bear tracks and examine the trap before continuing ahead. After arriving at the bloody tree, use the Hunter Vision to follow the path north or south.

Once again, you can use any path to reach the battle. As with previous battles, you need to lure the beast into the traps and score as many headshots as possible.

At about 50% HP, the bear will run inside a cave where the second phase of the battle will start. During this stage, as soon as you hear the bear roar, use your spears or arrows in order to force the stalactites from the roof.

These will deal huge amount of damage to the bear which will cause him to run away again. At this point, simply follow the beast inside the den and order your companion to keep it distracted while you complete the job at hand!

Snowblood Wolf
You need to head to the river on the south side and start the mission. It is a good idea to stock up on Hardwood and spears from nearby before actually starting the mission.

Before starting, you will need to deal with an Izlia Hunting group near the location of the first clue. Once done, you need to follow the blood trail using your Hunter Vision and examine a dead bear.

From there, follow the trail on the south side near a small pond and find the next clue which is a dead Izlia Villager near a boat. From there, continue south with your Hunter Vision active and examine a small camp.

Continue ahead to examine the broken spears nearby followed by heading east to come across 4x Izlia, 3x Archers, and 1x Spearman. After the battle, examine the dead Izlia on the ground and lay your traps for the battle ahead!

After freeing up the Wenja, try and hit the howling wolf at the top with an upgraded spear to bring down its HP to almost half with a single shot.

After this, you will have to battle 5x Wolf which you need to eliminate using traps. Continue following the clues and eliminating enemies along the way in order to come across the final and alpha of the Snowblood Wolf.

At this point, the first thing that you need to do is to use the bow in order to eliminate 5x wolves before focusing your attention on the Alpha Snowblood Wolf.

Use your traps and spear headshots in order to drop the beast’s HP to 50% followed by using your own beast to keep hum occupied while you continue to dish out damage. Once critically injured, you will be able to approach the wolf and tame it.

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