Far Cry New Dawn Treasure Hunts Locations Guide

Learn how to acquire all the Far Cry New Dawn Hidden Treasure Stashes for Perk Points, FCND Credits, and getting that valuable Trophy/Achievement.

In our Far Cry New Dawn Treasure Hunts Locations Guide, we have detailed ways to solve these environmental puzzles and directions on how to acquire the Treasure.

Far Cry New Dawn Treasure Hunts

Treasure Chests are good sources of many goodies ranging from Crafting Materials to Far Cry Credits, the latter of which is a premium in-game currency used for purchasing Legendary Weapons, Ammunition, Gear, and Cosmetic Items.

Moreover, you will also *acquire 3 Perk Points* per each Treasure Stash you discover and collect. Lastly, as is the case for all completionists, this cumbersome task will allow you to earn the “Finders Keepers” Trophy/Achievement.

1. For Whom the Bear Tolls

For this Treasure, you need to head to the FANG Center. Once there, you need to make your way to the top of the Church but before that, kill the Highwaymen around the Church.

Once you arrive at the rooftop of the Church, you will notice a bell. Ring the bell multiple times until a bear appears on the Church Grounds. Eliminate the bear to receive a key.


Go to the location where the bear spawned to find a hole there that will lead you to an underground passage. Use the key you just received to find the Treasure.

2. Going Haywire

For this Treasure, you need to head to Parker’s Vault. After arriving at the location, eliminate the Highwaymen if there are any and proceed to the house.

Around the house is an electrical machine that is blocking the way to your precious Treasure Stash. To switch off the machine, you need to get into the house but the house is locked from the inside. Head to the rooftop towards an opening.

Through there, you can see the main door of the house and a padlock. Shoot the padlock and get inside the house. You can loot the house and turn off the machine through a switch then go down the hatch to get the Treasure.

3. High Art

For this Treasure, you need to head to Atelier Zion. Eliminate the Highwaymen there and head to the back of the garage.

You should see a broken window atop. Shoot the wooden barricade and use the Grapple Hook to the tower, and use the zipline to get inside the building.

Now, you will notice a yellow valve there – turn it to open the door. After that, turn the second valve located at the end of the garage that will lift the blue car.

Jump onto the other side of the car and move the last valve to move the orange car. Now, you can head there to collect the Treasure.

4. Target Practice

For this Treasure, you need to head to Nadia’s Junkyard. You have to go up the hill and eliminate a few enemies. There will be locked hatch in the area.

Not to worry, as there is another way in the north through a sinkhole. Go inside the sinkhole and follow the path until the end to a room. There is a machine here with a lever on it. Use it to activate the targets around it.

There is a target to the right of the lever – hit it! After this, other targets will start to move. Immobilize them and this will open a door. Go through it to get the Treasure Stash you seek.

5. Riddle Me Fish

For this Treasure, you need to head to Skylar’s Riddle. After arriving there, enter the shed. You need to deactivate the gas that is surrounding the Treasure by solving a puzzle.

There are six fish on the wall and you have to push them in the correct order quickly. Follow this combination and get the Treasure:

Green, Orange, Purple, Black, Blue, and Yellow

6. Rescuers Go Under

Move to the location indicated by the marker on the map. After reading the Treasure Note, turn to your right and grapple up to the hill. Ignoring the two bears on the top, go down the hole and fall into the water.

Dive into the water, follow the stream, and keep grappling up the hills. You have to follow the trail until the ground below you breaks. Here, you have to release the brakes of the car opposite to you and then hop onto the car to get the Treasure Stash.

7. The Best Laid Plans

As you can view on the marker, head to where Prosperity was first planned to be built. First, find a red metal container under the bridge.

Head inside and while aiming at the broken train parts, you will need to use your *Grappling Hook perk*, as you grapple along the compartments of the train across the bridge until you reach the end. Here, you will finally find the Treasure Chest.

8. Burning Souls

A little southwest of Nice Rye’s residence, make your way to the pyre in front of a locked gate, as directed by the note. You are to recover and place 5 corpses of the villagers here in this fire.

Move left to discover two bodies. Bring them over to Eden’s Pyre and place them there. Another one can be found on a wooden platform to the right of the fire.

For the fourth one, make your way to the shed that lies in the opposite direction to that of the fire. Lastly, retrieve the final corpse from the cliff above the pyre by taking a right from the fire to ascend the cliff. Drop down the body into the pyre.

Now that you have placed all bodies in the pyre, grant their request of sacrifice by lighting the fire via repair torch, fire arrows, or incendiary ammo. Once you have done so, a big gate will emerge behind the pyre that leads straight to the Treasure Stash.

9. Go with the Flow

Once you have reached the cave that has a zipline above, just beside the river, you will need to fight off three wolves guarding the entrance.

Eliminate these and then use the zipline to move across the river and find the secret key to the Treasure Stash that lies right next to the campfire. Move downstream while remaining in the river at all times.

In your journey to find the hidden Treasure Stash, you will descend down from multiple waterfalls until you finally find a cave entrance at the bottom of a waterfall. Proceed through and use the key to collect the Treasure.

10. Light ‘Em Up

South of Sharky Boshaw’s Residence, you will need to retrieve some loot stolen by a wolverine. Approaching the back of the Church, remove the wooden planks or blast through them to gain entry into the building’s interior.

Climb up to reach the nest and set it on fire via a Repair Torch, Incendiary Ammo, or Fire Arrows. Fight the wolverine thereafter to collect the stash key and escape the burning building.

In a barn outdoor, to the right of the note for the Treasure, you will find the loot inside as you gain entry via the key.

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