Far Cry New Dawn Side Missions Walkthrough Guide

Far Cry New Dawn isn’t as large as Far Cry 5, but there are still plenty of additional activities to do apart from the main story. Far Cry New Dawn has Side Missions that you can complete for some great rewards.

Far Cry New Dawn Side Missions Walkthrough

There aren’t as many Side Missions in Far Cry New Dawn as there were in Far Cry 5. In fact, there are exactly 8 Side Missions in total. Two of them are tied to collectibles, while the rest unlock Guns of Fangs for Hire.

Below, we’ll go through all the side quests in Far Cry New Dawn.

1. To Love a Boar

Mission Reward: Unlock Horatio as a Fang for Hire

This mission will help you unlock Horatio the boar as a companion or “Fang” for Hire.

To start this mission, you’ll need to go to the Elsinore Farm located northwest of Pantry. Head to that location and kill all the enemies in this area.

Once you’ve cleaned the place up, shoot the padlock on the shed to free Horatio. Pet the boar and he will join you as a Fang for Fire.

2. A Thousand Words

Mission Reward: N/A

A Thousand Words is a Side Mission in Far Cry New Dawn that doubles as a collectibles mission. In this mission, you will have to find Dear Photos.

Read our extensive A Thousand Words Photos Collectibles Guide for full details.

3. Audiophile

Mission Reward: N/A

Audiophile Side Mission doubles as an Achievement/Trophy and is one of the two main collectibles in Far Cry New Dawn. This Side Mission will have you finding 10 FCND MP3 Players.

To find all the locations, read our Far Cry New Dawn MP3 Players Collectibles Guide.

4. Man Eat Dog World

Mission Reward: Unlock Timber as a Fang for Hire

This mission is located in the Meatfort that itself is east of the Broken Forge Outpost. This is an area where dogs are being slaughtered and processed for food. Yikes.

Enter the area and take out the two guys in front of a table with a dog on it. Head through the door to the left to find Timber. Free him from his cell and then pet him.

Start following Timber as he has some things for you to do. Head to the area with the wooden blockade and destroy it with a melee weapon.

Next, climb up the wall where Timber will wait for you, then walk across the pipe and climb up. Jump from the top of one cage to the next. Towards the end, you’ll find the cell key next to a dead dog.

Pick up the key and head back to where you found Timber. Free the dogs in the cells, then pet Timber to complete the mission. Timber is now available as a Fang for Hire.

5. Crow’s Feet, Eagle’s Eyes

Mission Reward: Unlock Nana as a Gun for Hire

For this mission, you’ll need to go to Nana’s Perch, located southeast of the Signal Point Outpost. Here, you’ll find an old woman holding a sniper rifle.

Talk to her and she’ll ask you to prove yourself as a great sharpshooter if you want her to join your cause.

Head to the sniping spot identified on the map and grab the sniper rifle. You will now have a limited time to shoot 10 helmets. These helmets are easy to spot, as they’ll grow. The timer will start when you shoot the first helmet.

Complete the task to find that Nana isn’t too impressed, yet.

This time, she’ll want you to shoot moving helmets. Shoot 10 of the helmets. Nana will now give you a harder challenge at a different spot. Climb up the silo using the ladder inside it to reach your new sniping spot.

You will now have to shoot 10 rising balloons. Shooting the first balloon will trigger the rest to rise. Once you’ve shot all of them, Nana will have one more challenge for you.

She’ll now shoot a flare that’ll alert nearby enemies. Stay in cover and start picking them off from a distance. Don’t worry; this time around, she’ll assist you in this “defense”.

Once you’ve eliminated all the enemies, Nana will acknowledge your skills and join your roster.

6. Mo’ Mommies, Mo’ Problems

Mission Reward: Unlock Gina as a Gun for Hire

This mission is given to you by Sharky once Act 2 starts. Talk to Sharky and he’ll ask you to help Gina participate in a battle arena. Head to the arena and climb up one of the towers to start this objective.

You’ll spot Gina driving around in a car while being chased by enemies. You will have to kill the drivers as well as the snipers in this area.

Having a sniper rifle here is ideal, but if you don’t have one, you can climb down into the arena and pick enemies off from any other weapon. Explosives in particular work very well here.

Once all the enemies have been eliminated, talk to Gina and the mission will be completed. Gina will not be available as a Gun for Hire.

7. Days of Blunder

Mission Reward: Unlock Hurk as a Gun for Hire

This mission is located at the eastern corner of the map, southeast of the Trailer Town Outpost. You’ll find Hurk here. Talk to him and he’ll tell you he needs a driver. Follow Hurk into the tunnel until you reach his vehicle.

Enter the driver’s seat and start driving Hurk as instructed, following all the objective markers. You can’t leave the car in this mission, or else it will explode. You will have to use the mounted guns on the car to shoot the barricades.

Eventually, Hurk will tell you to drive to Prosperity. Thankfully, Hurk finds this car as awful as you probably do and now you can just leave it and let it explode. Do so, and Hurk’s quest will be finished. He will now be available to you as a Gun for Hire.

8. Jerome Comes Home

Mission Reward: Unlock Father Jerome as a Gun for Hire

This mission is located in the southern part of the map at Ramone’s Lookout, northeast of Prosperity. Head to this area, then climb the ruined silo. Talk to Ramone inside and you’ll find out that Jerome has been kidnapped.

Now, head to the crash site of the convoy and grab the clues from the corpse there. You will now have the location of where Jerome is being held. Head there and simply open the cage to free him. You can do this either guns blazing or by stealth.

The former method is more favorable because if you’re spotted, you’ll have to chase the car around that can be tedious.

Once Jerome is free, talk to him. At this point, you can either complete the mission or help Jerome further. Jerome will not always ask for help, so the next part may not be necessary.

If he does ask for your help, you’ll need to go to Rye & Daughter Aviation. Here, you’ll just have to kill all the enemies and free three prisoners inside the house. Once done, talk to Jerome and he will become available to you as a Gun for Hire.

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