Far Cry New Dawn Puzzle Solution Guide – All Puzzle Solutions

Our Far Cry New Dawn Puzzle Solutions Guide will help you learn all about solving all the puzzles that you will encounter in FCND. Far Cry New Dawn has set up some puzzles for the player in order to claim the prizes and get their hands on some loot and upgrades.

Far Cry New Dawn Puzzles

The first one is The Riddle Me Fish puzzle. You will find this Treasure Hunt near the Broken Forge Outpost. Go off to the Skylar’s Riddle location and read the yellow note to activate the quest.

You have to note down the order of color change of the fish. To activate the fish, turn on the generator. The order is Green, Red, Pink, Brown, Blue, and then Yellow. Check yourself in case it’s different.

Now head to the bunker and input the combination of the fish to deactivate the gas supply inside the bunker. Do it quickly before to start getting harmed. Claim your prize and leave the location.

Deep Dive Mission

The Deep Dive mission is a game that should be played after a lot of thought process. The mission is to give Selene back her Field Kit.

The mission starts with Selene informing you about the location where she lost her kit. Jump into the water and your quest begins.

Start swimming towards the hallway by following the waypoint. Don’t forget to breathe! There will be some space between the tunnel ceiling and water. Rise up to get some air.

At the end of the hallway, turn open the valves to get the water coming, continue the flow, and get out of there before you drown.

The water will rise until you are at level with the next hallway and you will find three wild dogs. Hunt them down and continue with your path.

Follow down and you will reach some stairs. You have to dive in and swim. Find open spaces to come up and breathe.

Eventually, you will find a ladder. Climb up and you will find another valve. Shoot it and the water pressure will again start to rise to take you to another room.

Here, you will find four valves that are labeled, showing the direction of the water. You have to open valves that flow into the tank. The valves are connected to five pipes. They are labeled with arrows.

Open the valves that have arrows leading into the tank and close the ones with arrows leading out of the tank. This will again cause the water pressure to rise and the water tank to burst open.

Move inside another room for the water to rise high enough, allowing you to easily swim over obstacles and providing entrance into another room with one more valve that you have to shoot. Swim until you reach a ladder and climb it.

You have now entered the hallway where you’ll be introduced with two snakes and a wolf. Kill the creatures and take the stairs going downwards. Here you will find a crocodile.

Kill it from behind the boxes so it doesn’t attack you and swim ahead so you find another valve which will raise the water level once again.

The water level is now high enough to go back the way from you came and grab the kit from on your way. Climb the ladder to take the exit.

Talk to Selene to complete the mission and she’ll come to help you at Prosperity and you also upgrade your HP.

Amulet Locations

The Prophecy is part of the game’s main story. You will be provided with Pieces of Amulet that are to be aligned with Eden’s Gate Symbol. When you reach the Dutch’s Island, you will lose your consciousness and will start to hallucinate.

First Amulet
You will find your first amulet near the waterfront. Joseph would be standing next to Eden’s Gate Symbol and on interacting with the cross, you’ll be provided with a piece of an amulet.

If you turn around you will see a bigger cross with which you have to align your amulet and it will turn to one big cross. Once you align it, both will disappear.

Second Amulet
You will find this amulet near the house. Interact with the cross to get the amulet. You will see Eden’s symbol on the windmill.

Get inside the house and behind the desk to get an accurate view and you can change the windmill’s direction by pulling the lever to align it perfectly with the amulet. Once aligned, the amulet will disappear again.

Third Amulet
You will see another beam near the tower. Go towards it and interact with the cross again to get the amulet. The incomplete cross lies on the floor behind some wood. Clear your view by removing the wood.

Again, align your amulet with the Eden’s Gate Cross and it will disappear. Now move towards the bigger cross. The pink light will lead you forward towards the bunker. Inside, you’ll find the ‘Word of Joseph’ and you will come back to the real world.