Far Cry New Dawn Perks Guide – Effects, Eden Perks, Earning Perk Points, Best Perks to Get First

Far Cry New Dawn has come out and like the other titles in the franchise, it has a great and varied selection of perks that the players can specialize in different situations.

If you are planning to venture back to Hope County, Montana then these FCND Perks are going to be a big help in further upgrading your character. This Perks Guide will give you a rundown of all the perks, their effects, and unlocking them.

Far Cry New Dawn Perks

You will need to earn Perk Points in order to unlock perks. This can be done by completing challenges and missions throughout your journey. Helping NPCs and just playing the game naturally will get you these but they can also be purchased via Microtransactions from the “Perks: menu.

There are a total of 25 new perks to choose from along with 5 special Eden Perks. We have listed them with brief descriptions:

FCND Perks Effects
Grapple Hold square to attach a grapple to a grapple point. Reduces fall damage.
Repair Torch Repairs vehicles, cracks open safes and burns enemies.
Skydiver Wingsuit can be activated while falling by pressing L3. Reduces fall damage.
Fishing Rod Allows you to fish. Can be found in the weapon wheel.
Outdoor Enthusiast Prey will not flee easily. Fish are easier to reel in once hooked.
Tactical Binoculars Press D-pad up to equip binoculars that can be used to tag enemies more quickly, from a distance and in a wider radius .
Hotwire Automatically disables booby-traps on Highwaymen vehicles.
Mechanic Reduces weapon overheating on machine guns. When in a vehicle, it will slowly repair itself.
*Lock Picking* Pick locks on doors and safes.
Saboteur Sabotage vehicles (Hold Square to explode them after 10 seconds) (Hold Triangle to explode them when they hit obstacles at high speeds. This can also be used to explode alarms and mounted weapons).
Covert Decreases noise level while moving. Increases movement speed while crouched.
Dexterity Accelerates consumable crafting, sabotage, opening safes and supply drops as well as disabling alarms. Press R1 to throwback incoming dynamite.
Locked and Loaded Reload weapons while aiming with semi-automatic handguns or sniper rifles. Press Triangle to switch to the last equipped weapon more quickly.
More Lung Capacity Increases hold breath duration while sprinting and while underwater. Increases sprint duration.
More Fist Damage Increases fist and kick damage.
Advanced Takedowns Press R3 to takedown rank 2 enemies. During a takedown, press R2 to throw weapons at enemies.
Expert Takedowns Press R3 to takedown rank 3 enemies. During a takedown, hold L2 and press R2 to shoot with your sidearm.
Master Takedowns Press R3 to takedown Elite enemies. During a takedown, use the left joystick to perform another takedown on an adjacent enemy.
Well-Armed Carry a third weapon.
Heavily Armed Extra slot for a fourth weapon.
More Medkits Increases carry amount for Medkits.
More Melee Weapons Increases carry amount for Melee Weapons.
More Throwables Increases carrying amount for Explosives, Throwing Knives and Bait.
More Light Ammo Increases ammo carry amount for the Handgun, Shotgun, SMG, Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle and Arrows.
More Heavy Ammo Increases ammo carry amount for the LMG, RPG, Grenade Launcher, Flamethrower, and Saw Launcher.

Eden Abilities

Eden Perks Effects
Leap of Faith Press X while in mid-air to perform a double jump.
Ghost Hold Circle to become temporarily much harder to detect than enemies (consumes Eden’s Gift).
Wrath Hold R3 to temporarily increase speed, melee damage, reduce damage taken, and be immune to knockdowns (consumes Eden’s Gift).
Eden’s Touch Takedowns replenish Eden’s Gift and health, and loot victims automatically.
Eden’s Gift Increases the regeneration of Eden’s Gift.

That is all you need to know about the Perks in Far Cry New Dawn. Have fun!