Far Cry New Dawn Monstrous Animals Locations Guide – Find and Kill Mutated Animals

Far Cry New Dawn Monstrous Animals are tough, mutated animals that are very hard to kill and unlock “Kill or be Killed” Achievement/Trophy. There are a total of four of these Mutated Animals in FCND.

Far Cry New Dawn Monstrous Animals Locations

FCND has totally evolved and mutated animals but playing the game, I felt like finding animals in this game is easier than the previous Far Cry titles.

There are four Monstrous Animals in total that you can hunt in FCND. Finding and killing them will unlock “Kill or be Killed” Achievement/Trophy and each kill will provide you with two Perk Points will be awarded to you as well.

Hunting all these Mutated Animals will also be a step towards achieving that Master Skinner Trophy/Achievement.

There is not any tricky way to search for these animals. Just go to the map and you will see the silhouette of the animal you want to hunt and keeping your arrow on it will provide you with its name.

The animals are easy to kill and will require the use of different weapons and quite some ammo. Once you start the fire, they will come for you to attack you.

You can use your arrows or firearms or melee weapons whichever ammo suits you best to kill your prey. Do not let your guard or gun down until and unless the animal drops to the ground.

All these animals glow from a particular part of their body. Hitting them on that glowing part will do them more damage.

1. Monstrous Bison

You will find this animal in open ground, almost a place looking like a creek but much empty. The animal has medium difficulty in killing but his attacks on you can be critical. Kill it and you can trade it for 10 Circuit Boards.

2. Monstrous Boar

This animal will be found floating on river water. You have to attack it from far away.

The animal, when attacked, will start coming towards you with pretty good speed so I would suggest to use a weapon like a rifle and later when it gets out of the water you can change the weapon to a heavier one.

The animal will not be much problem with hunting down. You can trade it for 10 Carbon Fibers.

3. Monstrous Cougar

You will find this animal somewhere in the forest. When attacked, the animal will come towards you with full speed so be ready. Kill the Cougar before it gets its claws on you. You can trade it for 10 Circuit Boards.

4. Monstrous Bear

No doubt, the bear is the deadliest animal of them all. His attacks give you high damage and it is really hard to kill so will take a good amount of ammo and skill. You will get 10 Carbon Fibers on trading it.