Far Cry New Dawn Fish Locations Guide

Each Far Cry offers a lot of content and the same is the case with the Far Cry New Dawn. In addition to following the storyline, you can complete Side Missions, liberate Outposts, or hunt. This guide will focus on all the Far Cry New Dawn Fish locations to help you catch them all and explain the basics of fishing.

Far Cry New Dawn Fish Locations

In Far Cry 5, Ubisoft added the fishing features that have been carried over to Far Cry New Dawn. Capturing every type of fish grants you the Achievement/Trophy “You’re a Catch”. Currently, there are 6 types of fish in FC New Dawn, excluding the shark and the demon fish since they cannot be caught using the traditional method, they have to be shot down and skinned.

You can purchase maps available from the shop that reveals their locations but it would be a waste of money. Alternately, you can use this guide to find your preys and spend your money on other luxuries unless you are into the thrill of discovering them by yourself.

Now that you’re all hyped up to go fishing and earn some quick Skill points, it all begins with a fishing rod. Getting a fishing rod is a task on its own.

Getting a Fishing Rod

The fishing rod will cost you 2 Skill points and it can be unlocked from the perk’s menu. If you’re running low on Skill points, then go ahead and complete a few Challenges and in-game objectives to earn some Skill points.

Once you’ve unlocked the fishing rod, it’ll be added to your inventory and can be accessed instantly at any point in the game.

If 2 Skill points seem a little too heavy on the pocket, then think of the fishing rod as an investment because for each fish you catch you will be getting a Skill Point back. While you’re at it and have some extra Skill points at hand, grab the Outdoor Enthusiast perk as well to make your fishing experience slightly better

Before you go fishing, you are going to need a fishing rod. You can acquire a fishing rod by unlocking the “Fishing Rod” perk in the Skill Menu. Do not worry; think of it as an investment because for each fish you catch you will be getting a Skill Point back.

How to Fish

Select the Fishing Rod from the Weapon Wheel and put it in the water at the Fishing Spot. Press L2 or LT for a brief period to make the lure wobble in the water just a bit.

Do not hold it, as it would reel in the lure. Keep pressing it in quick succession to lure fishes to bite. Once the fish is hooked, you can reel it in by holding L2 or LT.

When the fish swims to the side, put the left stick in the opposite direction (so when the fish swims right you push left when it swims left you to push right). Do this until you have reeled it in.

At the end of the day, whatever direction you decide to pull the stick, don’t tug at it too hard or else you’ll be left with a broken fishing rod and no fish!

Go for the low difficulty fishing spots, as they are easier to reel in. You only need to catch the fish once with any Rarity Level to count for the “You’re a Catch” Trophy/Achievement. You do not have to catch it in all rarities.

Fish Locations

Bull Trout

Located slightly down from west of the Chop Shop, near the water.

Chinook Salmon

Located directly west from Broken Forge Outpost but catch the fish from the left side of the river.

Rainbow Trout

Located southwest from The Chop Shop at the southern edge of the map. Once you reach there, you will find houses. From these houses go southwest and just at the beginning of the trees fish for the Rainbow Trout.

Smallmouth Bass

Located directly south from Broken Forge Outpost, near the water.

Far Cry New Dawn Fish Locations

Paddlefish Sturgeon

Located slightly southeast from The Watering hole Outpost and directly east from The Island Outpost. You need to fish on the upper side of the small stretched island.

Largemouth Bass

Located southeast from Sacred Lumber and southwest from Trailer Town, near the river.

Far Cry New Dawn Fish Locations

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