Far Cry New Dawn Act 1 Walkthrough

With the help of our Far Cry New Dawn Act 1 Walkthrough Guide will help you learn all about completing all the Main Missions in Act 1 of FCND.

Far Cry New Dawn doesn’t have a massive open world and hundreds of hours of gameplay like Far Cry 5, but it still has story-driven gameplay that is intriguing and requires some exploration. Below, we’ve written an extensive walkthrough of Far Cry New Dawn Act 1 to help you out with the early hours of the game.

Far Cry New Dawn Act 1

The Far Cry New Dawn prologue and first act are closely tied together in story and gameplay. Below you’ll find the walkthrough for every mission in the prologue and first act of the game.

It’s important to note that not all missions have to be played in this exact sequence.


Crawling from the Wreckage

  • Escort Rush
  • Escape to the River

The first mission of Far Cry New Dawn is Crawling from the Wreckage. This mission will automatically start once the first set of cutscenes have played.

At the start of the mission, you will find yourself inside the train wreckage. You need to escort Rush through the debris.

On the way, you’ll fight some Highwaymen as well. Navigating through the debris is easy, but it’s important to pick up some useful items here.

At the very start, turn around to loot a backpack for a Medkit. Follow the path through the tunnel that is quite linear. At the end of the tunnel, go through the train car on the left to find a few more items.

Head to the area with the other train cars and you’ll find a few enemies. These enemies are quite isolated, so sneak up to them and take them out one by one stealthily.

Once you’re done with each enemy, you can enter the armored car and pick up a machine gun, you’ll be ambushed by a set of enemies. A few will come in vehicles while others will spawn above you.

Thankfully, you’re equipped with a machine gun and fighting them is entirely optional. If you want to be trigger happy, gun down a few as you make your way out of the area by getting out of the armored car and running down to the left.

Use the zipline and head towards the river. A cutscene will play, introducing you to the twins. Watch the cutscenes and your fate to complete the first Prologue Mission.

Find Hope

  • Reach Hope County
  • Reach the Mine
  • Open the Weapon Menu in the Workbench
  • Find Components for Saw Launcher
  • Craft and Equip a Saw Launcher
  • Reach the Bridge
  • Reach the Tunnel

After the cutscene, you’ll be pulled out of the water by Carmina Rye that will initiate this mission. You’ll need to reach Hope County that is easy. Just follow the river until you reach there.

Be sure to collect the melee weapon and some plant resources along the way.

On the way, you’ll come across a mine once you go under a bridge. Head inside the mine. Here, you will need to create a makeshift weapon.

To do so, you’ll have to find two ingredients: Components and Duct Tape. You will need 40 of each. You can find these all over the place here. An easy spot is directly on the first scaffolding you climb into.

Search around and look for the items to flash every few seconds to spot them easily in the environment.

Once you’re done collecting the ingredients, head to the workbench to check if you have enough of each. If you do, you can directly craft the Saw Launcher.

Next, head out of the mining area and over to the bridge. It’s time to put your new weapon to the test, as there will be some enemies for you to take out. Be particularly careful of the enemy on the left with the sniper.

He will spot you quite easily, so only move in the open when he’s turned around. Take out the enemies on your right.

Whether you get spotted or not, the objective is to pick off the enemies in this location one by one. If the Saw Launcher isn’t doing it for you, feel free to pick up an enemy’s weapon.

Once the enemies have been taken care of, loot their bodies, and then head through the door in the tunnel. This will conclude the mission and start the First Act.

Act 1

Gear Up
As the name of this mission suggests, you’ll be gearing up. There’s nothing much to do here other than changing clothes. This mission becomes available once you are in Prosperity’s main building.

Talk to Carmina, then once you’ve regained control, head to the duffel bag next to your desk and interact with it. Choose the clothes of your liking. Once you’re done, talk to Kim to start the next mission Breakout.


  • Reach the Coal Mine
  • Find a Way to Enter the Building
  • Enter the Building and Search for Rush
  • Reach Rush’s Position
  • Defend Rush
  • Escort Rush to Prosperity

Once you talk to Kim, this mission will start. Kim will give you a brief overview of what’s up in Hope County and how things work in Prosperity.

It’s useful information because it covers all the upgrades and interactions you can have in Prosperity. Maps and menus will also become accessible now.

Make sure you buy Binoculars, as this will make spotting and marking enemies from a distance quite easily. Once ready, head over to the coalmine. Here, you’ll find a few enemies.

Two of them are on elevated positions, and they have a larger field of view than the rest.

Using stealth is the best way to take out most of the enemies here. Avoid a gunfight because right now you have very few Perk Points and abilities.

If you find this difficult, track back and do some Challenges instead to rack up some Perk Points for leveling.

Either way, once the enemies are done with, you’ll need to find a way to access the building. You can find the key to the building on a crate next to a water tank. Once you grab the keys, the entrance to the building is around the corner to the right.

Enter the building and you’ll notice a few patrolling guards. Stealth once again is a great option here.

There are certain areas in this building where guards are clustered together, and that makes it difficult to use stealth all the time. There’s plenty of good cover, so a gunfight shouldn’t be too troublesome for you at this point.

Eventually, you’ll reach a ladder. Climb it to reach Rush, who will take out his captor with a crowbar. It’s time to escape with Rush once again.

You’ll be responsible for using the mounted machine gun while he drives the vehicle. Take cues from Rush’s comments and the threat indicators to take out enemies quickly.

A kilometer away from Prosperity, you’ll have to switch the driving seat and take control. Place a waypoint on the map and reach Prosperity. A cutscene will play, ending this mission.

Losing Streak

  • Reach the Farm
  • Locate Richard
  • Reach Richard’s location
  • Chase Richard to his stash
  • Talk to Richard
  • Reach the hidden bunker
  • Enter the bunker
  • Take Bean’s business plan
  • Talk to Bean

As you reach the farm, find Bean complaining about his business plans on the open-air patio. You will have to make some awkward promises with Bean.

You will find Richard by following the waypoint to Gamblers run.

After reaching Richard’s location, kill all the highwaymen. Be careful about not killing Richard. Start following Richard, until he reaches his stash.

Talk to Richard. He will tell you about his sob story, his gambling story, and his clothes. There he will give you the exact location of his bunker, and swears to leave gambling forever.

When you reach the bunker, start following the waypoint to dick’s Hole. Take out the highwaymen with your Saw launcher or by throwing knives.

Enter the bunker, climb down the ladder. You will see Richard’s stash on fire. Go through the place without catching flames.

In the Bunker, take your first right. Open the safe, Take Bean’s business plan.

Talk to Bean and leave the bunker. Bean will tell you about his position. Follow the directions and reach his position. Talk to him and this will conclude your mission.

Bean will join prosperity as a specialist. This will unlock the cartography center and buy you a map of collectible locations.

Deep Dive

  • Retrieve the Field Kit
  • Find a way out
  • Escape the rising water
  • Raise the water level
  • Escape the rising water
  • Raise the water level
  • Escape the rising water
  • Retrieve the Field Kit
  • Talk to Selene

You will find Salene at The inquisitor’s grave scared out of her mind. She wants to climb down to get the Field kit which has her medicinal herbs.

You will be able to jump easily by lowering down the ledge. Go all the way to the left and jump down.

You can dive in the watery bottom to get random stuff fallen in.  Follow the hallway near the edge of the water to the south.

You have to turn both valves when you reach the search zone. This will increase water pressure and this will cause a pipe to burst.

Go back to the hallway and get to the main shaft beneath Selene.

The water will stop when you are on a level with the next hallway to the west. Start moving towards the hallway and kill wild dogs along your way. Then you will have to swim underwater.

Swim by using the sprint button until you reach the ladder for Silo B to climb out. As you reach the top, find another pressure valve. Turn it open and the stream will spew. It will shine because you have to shoot it.

The pressure will increase. And the cap at the end will blow out. This will smash the door to the north. Enter that room.

This room will have five valves. Each labeled with the direction of water flow. You will close every valve that is leading out the water tank and vice versa. This will increase the pressure and the pipe will burst.

Move toward the blocked passage. Wait for the water to rise high enough for you to swim between junk and ceiling. Swim down until you reach a dead end.

Climb up the barrels and shoot the shining valve to the east. The cap will burst and the door will be opened to the west.

Swim back to the main shaft.

There is a ladder northeast. Climb the ladder and enter the hallway. Be careful of the snakes.

You will reach the waypoint, there turn the large valve. Swim back to the main shaft. Swim for your life!

Now you can retrieve Selene’s field kit.

Climb the ladder and talk to Salene to end the mission

Upgrade Prosperity

  • Rescue two Specialists
  • Upgrade three Facilities

This mission is only available once you’ve rescued Rush and brought him back to Prosperity. This mission stays active and requires other missions in the first act to complete. Talk to Rush and he’ll tell you he wants to upgrade the entire settlement.

The two specialists you’ll need that are easily available in the first act are Bean and Selene. Bean can be acquired by completing “Losing Streak”, and Selene will join when you complete “Deep Dive”.

All the specialist recruitment missions are covered in our *Far Cry New Dawn Specialists Guide*. To upgrade the facilities of Prosperity, you will need Ethanol.

You can read our Ethanol Farming Guide to see the best ways to farm this essential resource.

You will need around 75-100 ethanol for each facility, and you need to upgrade three to complete this mission.

Under Siege

  • Reach the Scout
  • Talk to the Scout
  • Defend Prosperity
  • Enter Prosperity
  • Defend Prosperity
  • Prevent the Highwaymen from Planting Bombs

Under Siege is the final mission of the First Act, and only becomes available when you finish the Upgrade Prosperity mission. Talk to Rush after the Twins pay a visit to Prosperity.

Rush is fearful that the Twins will strike Prosperity. He wants us to check with one of the scouts to make sure they do their job right.

The scout is located close to Prosperity. Drive to him by following the waypoint. Once you talk to him, highwaymen will ambush you. Hope in the vehicle and drive back to Prosperity quickly.

The gates of your settlement are locked, so you will need to take out the first wave of enemies. Thankfully, the other companions will act as bait, so you can kill many of them from close range.

Be careful of the enemies on vehicles though. Once you’ve cleared all of them out, enter the gates to Prosperity.

Next up, you’ll have to defend your settlement from two vehicles. Explosives work here well. Most of the enemies will come from the north, but a few will come from the west as well, so be mindful of that.

After clearing out some waves, the highwaymen will send large trucks with ramps to infiltrate Prosperity. You cannot prevent all of them from reaching in, but make sure to take out as many as possible from the entrances to the settlement.

At this stage, three enemies will also parachute into the settlement. Head to the middle and clear out these enemies as well as the hounds. Once all the enemies have been taken care of, a cutscene will ensue.

This is the end of Under Siege and the conclusion of the first act of the game.

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